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03-25-2009, 04:31 AM
Hi guys,

I need a little help deciding on which sewing pattern I should use for Seras Victoria. ref pic: http://www.absoluteanime.com/hellsing/victoria.jpg

Some searching of the forums has given me a few ideas for patterns, but I'm not sure which one to use. I have limited experience with patterns, and although I'm sure I'd be able to figure it out, I'd prefer it if I had to alter the pattern as little as possible. I dont intend on stuffing my bra (might look into a push up bra, depending on if I can afford it), so I'd like something that's going to make my boobs look as big as possible.

These seem like my options at the moment, although I'm open if anyone else thinks there's a better pattern I could use. I'm willing to sacrifice some degree of accuracy for making the costume look good or considerably easier to make, but the more accuracy the better :)

This one would look perfect if it weren't for the fact it's not fitted at all. Would this be easy enough to make fitted? Seras also has that slit down the back, would I be able to work that in while I'm fitting it? An issue with having to fit it myself is making my boobs look good in it - I can't have it too baggy in that area.

This one looks workable, but I'm slightly concerned a coat pattern might not translate into a shirt which would use less heavy fabric.

Again, looks good. No seam down the back though. Would need to make it longer - would this be a problem?

Looks good - nice hight collar. Again, a bit short, but easily fixed?

Looks quite good.

Any advice? Would like to alter the pattern as much as possible, I don't have much experience in that area and don't want it to look crap :P

Thanks for your help :)

The Hag
03-25-2009, 05:51 AM
I would use this one:

All the others have princess seams - the side seams go all the way to the shoulder. What you want are long bust darts under the pockets. You will probably want to add them at the side seams as well. Google "bust darts" for various info and tutorials on size and placement. Adding a back seam is no big deal - just cut the back pattern piece in half, add seam allowances and sew it back together leaving a slit at the bottom. You can add back waist darts to help fit the waist. Keep in mind that you are not going to get that insanely form-fitting look unless you build the shirt like a corset - which would look odd seeing as how this is a uniform. If you can find a fabric with a little lycra in it you can cut it a smaller and it will be a little clingier.

03-25-2009, 06:30 AM
I'm beginning to wonder now, if I'm going for a less fitted pattern and then fitting it, if I could just find a formal shirt and butcher it up and use it for a pattern, since I've realized now it wouldn't be far off what's going on with that pattern.

A quick look on Google for bust darts and darts in general hasn't come up with much other than knitting websites and how to do darts on patterns that already have them, but I'm guessing it shouldn't be much more than pinning the fabric so it fits nice and then sewing?

I'm gonna be using twill for my costume. While I'm not fat, I don't quite have Seras' anorexic proportions lol.

Oh, it can't hurt to ask. Any ideas on the collar? My last attempt at doing a collar like that didn't go so well :P

03-25-2009, 10:40 PM
I used a plain skirt pattern and a shirt pattern I found in the Simplicity book at Joann's that had all the right seams. Not sure of the number, but it worked pretty well apart from the fact that I sort of screwed up on the size.

As for the collar, I made mine too big, but I made a regular shirt collar and stuffed it with interfacing to make it stand up. Then I made the front part as a flap that was sewn down on one side and velcroed down on the other.