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04-03-2009, 12:07 AM
I'm sure there's a thread around here somewhere but I don't have the time to scroll through everything right now. >w< Yeah I'm a little lazy too I'm sorry!

Anyways, I was going over some cosplay ideas I've had and someone that came up was Akito/Agito from Air Gear, at first the cosplay seemed pretty easy to do . . . except for the shirt and those massively long sleeves! So my question to you is, how would I make that shirt? Sew extra material to a pre-existent shirt? Start a shirt over from scratch?

Help! Any ideas for this cosplay would be greatly appreciated. <3

Edit: Oh my gosh I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm sorry. Could someone kindly move this thread? ><!!!

04-03-2009, 04:45 AM
You have to be a bit specific with which bit you need help with, but if it's just sleeves, I recommend two options:

Lazy option:
Find a shirt/skivvy that's the right colour, go colour-match the fabric till you find the right one. Take out the stitches at the arms of the top you bought carefully and lay the old sleeves out flat over the fabric. This is your pattern.

Now trace this and extend the sleeves on the fabric version till it's your desired length + whatever hem you need. Remember to trace the sleeve exactly THEN give yourself whatever allowance you need around the edges to sew. Most people need maybe 1/4 inch, but this is up to you.

Sew it up and back to the shoulders of the original shirt. There you have it. (Probably easier to add straps etc before you sew it back to the shirt though.)

The not so lazy option:
Get a pattern from your local store of the shirt you want to make. Colour-match and buy the fabric needed (you can find out from the back of the pattern, match up your clothing size to the chart) +1-2m (I'll explain why you may need the extra fabric soon).

When cutting the sleeves, again extend it to the length you want, you may have to disregard the pamphlet in the pattern packet that tells you how to lay out your pattern on the fabric.

IMPORTANT: If the sleeves are too long to fit in the way the pattern designers have made them (it probably won't, since they try to use as little fabric as possible). This is why you may need the extra fabric, since you need to disregard their instructions, your clothing pieces won't fit on the same amount they designed the pattern with. MAKE SURE the sleeves are still sitting at the same angle on the bias.

Fabric stretches differently horizontally or vertically, so you must follow the pattern's instructions on the orientation of your sleeve pattern on the fabric.

Other than that, sew the pieces together as the pattern says, again it may be easier to add straps/decorations before the pieces are all sewn together.

This method gives greater flexibility with fitting than the lazy way, and it means you can add piping and trim where needed between panels in the final piece. For an example of the piping work, see my latest X costume, piping added to a bought costume vs a made one is fairly obvious. The piping sits inside the seams and is a part of the costume when done right, adding a more finished look.