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04-05-2009, 02:54 AM
Hey guys,
Looking for some help for this one.
Everyone knows what she looks like, but here's a link to refresh your memory. http://www.absoluteanime.com/reviews/little_mermaid/index%5B2%5D.jpg

That friggen huge bang poof thing. I know it's easily achievable with hairspray, but would love it if I could find a way to accomplish it without it ending up stiff as all hell. I mean, I'd like it to look as natural as humanly possible but am more concerned with accuracy. Can I have my cake and eat it too? Any suggestions?

Ok so I'm trying to figure out which wig to start off with.
My 3 main concerns are length, shape, and colour (lol what else is there?).
I'm a Cosworx girl at heart but am willing to look elsewhere as long as I can get it to Canada (amphigory is ok because Katie Bair can order them in, and I have til end of August so time isn't too bad right now).
Ariel's hair is poofy, wavey, quite long (most people don't realize because she spends half the movie with her hair floating up around her underwater), and insanely red.
Alot of people do a nice natural coppery red for her, but I want to stick to the movie and be as red as possible (but deep, not a clown red). I like coswork's (sepia I think) Dark Red. But the wig I feel is most accurate for shape, length and style, doesn't come in that colour.

(I could also get the version with bangs but I think I'll have to use some long hair, cut it, and bring it across to get the bang I want...)

Is it possible to get this wig to the colour I want with wig dye? Will it be as bright and deep as I want? I've never dyed a wig before so I'm not sure exactly if and how I can achieve it. Should I get it in a natural red and go from there or should I get it in a light blond to do this?

Otherwise, is there another wig someone can suggest that comes in the right colour, is long enough, and thick enough for what I want?

Thanks for any ideas anyone can offer!!

04-05-2009, 03:03 AM
i don't think you need a wig with bangs, because Ariel doesn't have a lot of bangs, and you would need a lot of product to keep the bangs back. I think you should find a wig that doesn't have bangs, but parted way to the side like hers. with normal hair, it automatically has that big poof.

Will you be doing a cosplay of her underwater or on land? Because on land, her hair is quite straight(just very poofy, but still straight), but if underwater, then you can have a bit of a wave to it.

Sorry if this isn't any help. Just putting ideas out there

04-05-2009, 03:09 AM
I'm doing a land version... And while her hair seems fairly straight on land, it has a poofiness (especially middle-bottom) that I think could only really be achieved with brushed out waves.
Thanks though, like I said, any ideas or thoughts are helpful!

04-05-2009, 03:40 AM
yes you can achieve that color. i've achived quite a few colors with dying processes. the awesome thing about dyes is that you can mix the colors you want before dying (use a tiny test of the wig hair to check).

FW ink and sharpie methods are the preferred. check out the threads in the wig forum. honestly it's not as hard as it sounds either ^_^

04-06-2009, 11:30 PM
Ok so someone has informed me that this wig is made of Eleora fiber, and therefore doesn't take well to dye. Fortunately, I've also been informed that Katie Bair has a new and improved formula that works on this type of fiber... has anyone tried it? How were the results?

The other thing is if I start with a blond can I achieve the colour I want or will it turn out really pale? The natural reds it comes in seem too dark to get that 'bright' colour out of it with dye.

Starla James
04-07-2009, 10:23 AM
A few ladies who have already done Ariel have used wigs from the cosworx shop,in the already made red colors,and they look stunning !! if you search Ariel youll see what I mean xoxo

04-07-2009, 03:47 PM
Have you looked up the newer wigs that will be coming out this month? There is a long wig with lots of wave and bangs that I think would look lovely for Ariel - and since it is a cosworx wig, it would come in that beautiful dark red color :)

check out the April Wig Expansion thread that's stickied at the top of the forum.

04-07-2009, 03:59 PM
I dont think its that her hair is really poofy, I just think that its unnaturally thick. Since you're a katie bair fan, just out her inu yasha wigs. They do that poof thing at the bottom like ariel's hair. (the inu yasha wigs are extra thick. Infact I believe she took two wigs and sewed them together.)

I bet if you sew extra wefts in the front of the wig to thicken it up you could get that poof without alot of hair spray.

04-07-2009, 05:03 PM
I think you should definately drop a line to Freezerburn and ask her about the bangs, she's done what I think is the best job on Ariel's hair (http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1696846/) ;)

04-07-2009, 05:32 PM
I think you should definately drop a line to Freezerburn and ask her about the bangs, she's done what I think is the best job on Ariel's hair (http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1696846/) ;)

Aw! Thank you so much XD. I used a Linda wig in the saturated henna red. I actually did add a weft to the front of my wig (from the back of the wig too, it's so thick lol) for extra thickness and basically sculpted it with my hands and lots of hair spray, sadly it is stiff, but it's hard to get the bangs to form or really stay in place without using some kind of product that will make it firm.

Just pm if you want some more specifics if you like and good luck with your wig ^^

04-08-2009, 07:13 PM
i just got a red willow (not from cosworks) and part it on the side, pull the sided hair over and bobby pin a curller under the hair and bobby pin the hair around

(see my pictures in my costume gallery)