View Full Version : Eeek. Help? (Aoshi costume!)

09-30-2002, 07:03 PM
I just found out that I'll be able to go to Sugoi con next month. I was working on Miaso (for me) and Aoshi (for my boyfriend) for Halloween and Ohayocon, but now I find out that I have 19 days to finish both costumes! *panics*

Miaso won't be very hard, thankfully. It'll take me 1-2 days tops, but Aoshi... *falls over* I'm sooo lost on what to do. There's a lot to his costume, the trench coat, the purple thing under that and the black shirt under that! I have no idea where to start.

I need to be able to make it look relatively good (I can always touch it up more for Halloween and Ohayocon), so I'm not worried at the moment about perfecting it. But what kind of fabric should I use? I would need something easy to work with, but thick enough so it's not just blowing around like toilet paper in the breeze.

And how on earth would I do the purple thing he wears under that!? Where would I be able to find patterns? I attached a picture for reference too.

Thanks if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it! ;)

10-02-2002, 01:56 AM
Underneath his coat is a purple gi. It would be fairly easy to make since it's just like a bathrobe. Maybe you can use cotton twill for the coat.

Aoshi Shinomori
10-03-2002, 03:00 AM
well if you are doing the Aoshi when he first comes in.. he has the purple robe thing.. u can get a bathrobe pattern.. but dont forget that he has the belt buckles too.. for the trenchcoat.. i just bought one at Macy's and alter it a little.. for the black shirt.. u can get a pattern that has something with a mandarin collar.. or go to the store and buy like a mock turtleneck or something that has a collar like Aoshi's.. for the Trenchcoat also.. he has a pale yellow or khaki one.. depends on some pics.. and for the swords.. well it depends on which one u want. hope that helps

10-16-2002, 02:05 AM
Sorry I didn't reply sooner. =P

He's alright with it not being done right now, so I'll have until Ohayocon in January to make it, which gives me plenty of time. I just finished Misao. =)

Thanks for the advice! The thing is, my boyfriend's rather tall... and I don't have a huge budget. I don't wanna pay more than maybe $50 or so on the costume if I don't have to. We've been looking everywhere for a white trenchcoat at thrift stores and other places for months, but we haven't had any luck. Either it's not white, or it's not long enough. I'm considering just sewing the coat myself... but it looks so complicated. I don't even know where to begin! I guess I should start with a pattern. I'm pretty much a novice at sewing. It doesn't help that he's away at college either. Ugh. I'll figure out something.

Miaka No Baka
10-18-2002, 08:09 AM
burlington coat factory. They'll have it. Also try having him look in the women's section aoshi and I found an awesome trenchcoat that'd be perfect for aoshi's trenchcoat and it was 60 or 80 I forget exactly but it had the long length. The men's selection while good didn't have exactly the right color or length.

Miaka no Baka