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04-20-2009, 07:25 AM
Alright,this may seem like a stupid question,but I NEED TIPS!
I'll be cossing as jasdero[-gets bricked-] for a cosplay event this july[Cosfest]
All's well and good about the boobs,but it's the paint,lips and stupid headband he wears.;A;
As you guys who watch DGM know,his lips are..made of winz.[yeah RIGHT!xD]

hey ho.-A-

I kind of have an idea on how to make the headband[seems simple enough],but the lips?
My friend told me to glue dots on the "points" where the thread is supposed to be and stick wool/some kind of thick string on.But in order to do that,i'll have to wait till right before the event starts,and as Murphy's Law goes:What can go wrong,will go wrong.

So,I'm not going to be a risk taker on this.too scary,especially after thinking about the amount of body paint that's going to be used.

Does anyone here have any winning formula on the bodypaint?As you know,body paint will crack or "melt" off after a period of time,and it's so friggin ugly when that happens!-cringe-
And my country is humid as hell,so yeaaaaaaah.:waaaah:

Another friend of mine said that mixing alchohol with the body paint thins em down and doesn't let it "melt" so fast?Any comments on this method?

All help/tips/comments are appreciated!-hands out cookies-.m(_ _)m
thanks in advance!;3

04-20-2009, 08:01 AM
I don't have much experience with bodypaint, but from what I've gathered, Snazaroo brand is pretty good, and for longer wear, you can always fix it with some mild hairspray. Just make sure to close your eyes and mouth. For the stitching over his lips, I've just seen most Jasdero cosplayers draw/paint the lines on for obvious reasons. (....Owww...)

Depending on exactly how long your wearing the makeup and the weather, you'll probably have to retouch at some point, and I find that touching up small things periodically is actually much better than having to fix a whole lot at once.

Also, when choosing your paint, make sure to use something made for use on skin! I cringe everytime I hear how someone decided to paint on themselves with cheap acrylics they found at an arts and craft store. >.> No. Just... no.

Best of luck~