View Full Version : fashion show and Quilt contest details

04-23-2009, 05:00 PM
This is from Lisa Ashton, director of both, taken from the ICG list

Hello to all. Your Future Fashion Show Director here. The list has been
relatively sparse lately, and I am certain that means you are all working
extra hard on your wonderful fashion Folio creations. I am working hard
on making sure we have the wherewithal to make every one of you look as
good as you possibly can.

When you register for the con, you should be able to register for your
events nearby, including the Fashion Show. There is one Registration
form for this, which will include your contact info. The photo waiver, I
understand, is a single waiver that applies to any event you are
entering, so no need to duplicate that for the Fashion Show. There will
also be a "Fashion Show PArticipant Info Sheet" available. This contains
times and places important to the day of the show, so please take one.
If you need to contact me specifically about any questions or issues you
have, any of the Convention official volunteers should be able to locate

Also putting on my Quilt contest director hat--I am looking forward to
your entries for that too, and there will be one Reg. sheet to fill out.
I will probably have the reg. sheets in the Exhibit area, where the
quilts will be accepted and displayed. IT's very convenient to the front
lobby. You can also download the forms from the website, and I highly
encourage you to do that and complete them at home, maybe even make a
copy. I don't know about you, but it's always better for me the more I
do in advance.

Yours in costuming, Lisa A.