View Full Version : Roommates needed at the Sheraton

08-03-2003, 12:39 AM

I have a two-bed room at the Sheraton for which I need roommates. It is reserved for Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Sunday noon checkout). The cost is 328$ for all three nights with only two persons paying for it. More than that would, of course, make it cheaper and cheaper, so don't let the high amount put you off if you need a room. ^_^

For those of you with elaborate costumes, keep in mind that the Sheraton is right next to the con center. So you don't have to walk for blocks and blocks! ^_^

You can just leave a reply here, or email me at magari@lunar-progeny.net.

Thank you for your time. ^_^

08-05-2003, 04:24 AM
I no longer need roommates for this room. Thank you. ^_^