View Full Version : Bleach - Nel Relase Form

05-11-2009, 01:52 PM
So i finally decided to cosplay as someone intense. I decided on Nel in her release form.


I've got everything pretty much figured out except how to make the body, and how i would attach it to me. I was thinking about getting some Hula hoops, and some other flexy plastics to make the body. But i'm not quite sure what to cover it with before I put the fabric over it. I would like to make it sturdy, but not very heavy (seeing as how i'm going to be dragging it around). For connecting it to myself I was thinking of making the front kinda like a pair of pants that would just zip / button up so i could easily get out to sit down or whatever. I'm just not sure what the most effective and best looking way of doing this would be. So if anyone has any experience cosplaying anyone / thing that's half animal I would really love your input here.