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05-19-2009, 09:35 AM
Well we finished our costume and they were a big hit at the Kansas State Free Con. It was a smaller venue but a blast to be part of. Especially since we were the only costumed people Got plenty of attention and the show owners were very happy to see us and I got lots of free goodies from them and the comic artists.



here are the photos. enjoy them. These costumes were not to expensive to make especially Mary Marvel. Here's used a Sew Easy Pattern at Walmart and about $30. Mine was a little more work. I used the Civil War Officer pattern and moded it to make a jumpsuit. The boots are POC boot covers costume manipulated to adults size and shape. I tried to model my suit as close to the Alex Ross Shazam Graphic Novel. It is very comfortable, movement is completely free and I can even sit down hahahaha I used Red Double Knit Polyester to give it the 70's feel and lots of Gold Lamae from Wally World. The cape has the Gold Cord tassels and Gold cord neck strap. buttons are from Walmart. except the big button on his shoulder that holds cape in place I used a Tandy Leather medalion that would go on leather work with the screw back. It was a silver dollar to start so I filed it smooth and painted it Gold Metallic. I hope you enjoy it and everyone goes