View Full Version : Aigis from Persona 3

Legendary Armor
05-26-2009, 01:02 PM
I am extremely new to cosplaying and need help figuring out how I'm going to make Aigis from Persona 3.

Official art: http://www.dokuganryu.com/scans/megaten/p3/art23.jpg

I've been told about Wonderflex http://www.cosplaysupplies.com/tutorials.php?id=3#3A by someone, and also heard things about foam, but I'm not sure which is better and/or easier, or even price ranges and supplies needed.

I don't have any sewing experience, either. Basically the only thing I have for this cosplay at the moment are the contacts, which are from the last outfit I did -- I commissioned a site for it, but I want to start making my own stuff.

Sorry for being such a newbie~