View Full Version : ATTN: BlizzCon '09 cosplayers!

06-04-2009, 02:42 PM
Ladies and gentlemen who are cosplaying at BlizzCon '09!

We wan YOU for an epic photo op! Yes! Here's the idea- I want to get a huge group shot (and a bunch of other shots) of everyone who participates in this community (and others online, such as Cosplay.com) who will be cosplaying at Blizzcon this year. Why?

Lets face it- pics like that would have to be considered epic lewtz. And besides, who doesn't want to meet and greet with other people who look fantastic!

So, here's what I would like to do- set up a date and time and place to meet at BlizzCon so that pictures and cosplaying can be had! give us a chance to chat each other up face to face, trade costuming tricks, guild pointers, and boss strats. Anything goes, but we want you there!

If anyone is interested, please feel free to comment here or drop me an email (please pm for the address.) I would love to get a bunch of shots this year. I will be the short chick cosplaying as Lady Katrana Prestor (OMG Raid boss in disguise- you know you loved getting attuned to me!) hit me up, I'd love to make this a success!

Look forward to seeing you there! Cheers!


06-19-2009, 04:58 AM
Bump for moar rawr.

Also, see you there :D