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06-15-2009, 02:13 AM
Can anyone help me with how to make that pretty circular part of Tsuna's glove (V.V.R)?
Here's some reference of the glove



Some advice for how to make this glove will be much appreciated ><

06-15-2009, 03:14 AM
Plastic and LED's.. all i can say

06-15-2009, 11:18 AM
Some easily moldable plastic would be really cool, but going to a craft store and finding a really big, blue opal-looking fake gem would work too. Glue some iridescent scrapbook paper behind it so that it refracts light and use fabric paint for the text and design around the center. Gloss over the gem with painter's glaze (found at any craft/art store) and then cut out small scraps of copper plates or equally thin sheet metal with a pair of metal shears. (They can be bought at Home Depot for really cheap). Voila!

06-15-2009, 02:14 PM
hmm that's a great idea XD

The most ideal thing would be to have it light up ._.
And/or have the Vongola crest showing underneath...
is there a way to do that?

06-15-2009, 04:45 PM
LED lights are the easiest way to get it to light up, but if you're willing to have it be a little bulky you could always buy some of those mini push-lights in the color that you want, or just glaze over them with thin paint in the color you're looking for. (I'm talking about these: http://www.amazon.com/One-Touch-Lights/dp/B000V7UDCC) I don't know if you have one by you, but I know that IKEA sells them in all kinds of colors and sizes - that would probably be easiest and cheapest.

When it comes to the Vongola crest, I would buy a bag of those big glass aquarium stones (These: http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-4586769t400.jpg) that are kind of opaque, and paint the crest underneath it with metallic, refractive paint. It would show up and look kind of misty, but the problem is that it wouldn't light up.

06-16-2009, 02:45 PM
hmm, no I don't have a IKEA near me, but I think I know where to get those lights ._.
The problem is the shape I guess ._.
Is there more circular ones?

06-16-2009, 04:12 PM
There are some pretty circular ones around, you'll just have to look in different places to find them. I suggest looking at major retailers like Target, Walmart, etc., drug stores, and Home Depot. If that doesn't turn up any results, I would scour the internet for a tutorial on LED's. I'm not super-familiar with them so I'm afraid I can't help.

06-16-2009, 07:41 PM
No Problem ^___^
You've been a super help already!
Thanks so much!

06-20-2009, 09:46 PM
I made my orb out of Clear Epoxy Resin, and followed AA's guid for resin jewels. I drew on the crest underneath and im planning to make it light up with installing 4 LED's underneath the triangles. Here;s a picture of how my Ver.V.R turned out
there are more pictures in my gallery =)

06-20-2009, 10:09 PM
I see I see O>o
They're realli well done ^___^

07-31-2009, 09:39 AM
THE BEST WAY to do it would be expensive and takes some skill.ill give you two ways. the first way is how i originally made mine. im just talking about the blue orb on the top and any metalic parts on the gloves.

A) i took a black motorcycle. workout glove and cut the fingertips off or you can buy fingerless gloves. then i have aa pair of straight white golf gloves. (tip: when putting gloves on and off, coat the inside of gloves with baby powder as well as your hands to prevent sweating, it's hard to get the golf gloves off when you're sweating) i then cut just above the wrist of the golf glove to remove the velcro strap as it gets tight around the wrist. you may want to always keep the gloves separate and never bind them to eachother. dont be lazy, put on each glove at a time. how to cover up the velcro strip on the black glove. if you notice that tsuna's gloves have a white cuff around the wrist. this was kinda trick for me since i couldn't think of how to make a thick bangle and then i thought.... bangle... so i went every indie jewelery store i could fin searching for white bangles and in the end made my own. maybe you can find a squared white bangle but i couldn't. i made it dificult on myself. if you can see there are indentations on the cuff. i cut a strip of foam (i used bed foam pad or an old ground pad from camping) to fit around my wrist, then i found an old white dress shirt my father wore that is too big for him and cut the cuffs off and re-hemmed the sheered fabric to give it a nice look. then i placed stitch-witchery on the inside of the cuff and on the outside of the foam. i placed the two together and blew dried it till it stuck. ( make sure the buttons for the cuffs are on the underside of your wrist. then i found a shop stapler and staggered some staples to get that weird mountainous effect on the cuff. it turned out perfect. now heres for the orb. depending on which tsuna you're going as you may or may not want to go through with this last part. if you're going as ring conflict tsuna then this is where the tutorial ends; however, if you're going as 10 year later tsuna then listen up cuz this is the problem most people face.

B) the orb:
the orb is tricky. "how can i get a glass like glowy orb thingy on my hand?"
you can do one of two things. as you know already someone posted about a clear epoxy resin with blue led lights. that will work but i used an aqua base resin and fiberglass inside of a silicon mold. you can buy silicon sphere molds for around 5 dollars and then the aqua resin starter kit for around 50 which will provide you with the tools to make various different props so its a better deal. plus you just apply and wait and it works just as well. you get the clear aqua resin but you can apply color to the the resin while it's a liquid. apply a sky blue and silver metalic powder to the resin, this will make it slightly blue and metalic while still being able to see through. next pour the resin into the mold and stick the molds togeher leaving about a 2 mm and rig up something to keep the orb suspended so it doesnt sink into the mold and ruin the resin. YOU WILL HAVE EXCESS RESIN so you may want to think in advance if there are any other projects requiring your blue resin and have a mold ready for that to pour excess into it. if its a trivial amount then trash it. wait a couple ours then carefully pull the mold apart. the inside of the new blue sphere may have ripples or air bubbles (hopefully no bubbles) you can mix a very very very small amount of the resin and find a paintbrush that you will never ever want to use again. paint a tiny bit into the creases of the inside of the orb and let it set. now you have a nice blue orb. if you wanna jazz it up then you can take led's and rig them to light the inside but it's already blue enough and the silver powder in the orb makes it shine.

C) the rings. i found a very very very easy way to make the rings. this was actually the hardest part for me. i didnt know how to make the rings. i tried using skateboard bearings (kinda worked but they're dark. maybe you can use silver and white model paint to base and then paint them) and i also used various failures. the one i found best was... i went to a 25cent toy machine you can find outside of grocery stores and foun one that had a ton of silver rings in it. i bough like 15 in case i ruined them and took them home. i took the crappy jewel off of them and removed any unnecessary parts. then i cut out some plastic to shape the knuckle ring thats on the glove for all the fingers and fixed them to the ring with epoxy.then i took a wooden dowel rod and wrapped in in uct tape untill the ring fit snug over it. then i mixed up some resin in a cup and put white color in it. then i dipped the rings into the resin to give it a nice clean finish. i hung them all out to dry and when dried, chipped and sanded them smooth after removing them from the dowel rod. the underside was messy but it didnt matter. then i found some sort of tape my father has in the garage that is chromed. i placed the tape on the ring then with an exacto knife cut away the excess. the rings turned out beatiful. of course i touched them up with some paint but you can only tell up close that it's paint.

D) silver ring around orb:
thats justcardboard with some more of that chromed tape on it. my father has a set of leather stamps and happens to have the whole alphabet. i just stamped the words into it. easy ^^.

there ya go. looooooong. inefecient cuz im sure some company will produce the gloves for market once reborn gets more viewers. but if youre looking to kill hours and have fun making a complex cosplay then theres some help. i didnt get the chance to bring them to otakon because the night before i cracked the orb of my glove trying to put it in the suitcase T~T but ill bring them to more conventions once i fix the orb. ^^ happy making.

07-31-2009, 03:35 PM
wow O.o thanks sooo very much ^___^

02-23-2010, 06:02 PM
THANK YOU! This will help me out, i'm planning on being Tsuna for Otakon this year. And the gloves were gonna be the most difficult thing.