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07-22-2009, 11:32 AM
I now want to cosplay as Soi Fon seeing as I have a wig that is prefect and just needs some adjusting.
Now I need help creating the costume. I can make the captains cloak as that will be pretty simple but it is the black thing she is wearing underneath. I want to do the cosplay where she is wearing the captains cloak and has the baggy sleeves yet I need help of how to make it.

Examples: [It was hard]

07-22-2009, 01:07 PM
Both of your images aren't found. But Soi Fon is pretty easy. Under the captain's haori she has on hakama pants and then two kimono, one white juban underneath and a black one on top of that. When she takes off the jacket, it's a white halter top underneath a black one with the long gauntlet-style gloves.

I have yet to do the full Captain version, but I've done the battle one with the halter tops and it's pretty simple. You just have to alter the tops to fold over each other like a kimono and then have the obi to hold it all in place. Under the hakama you should wear either white tights/leggings or not, depending on if you are doing the manga or anime version. And a pair of kung fu shoes will finish it off. Really, Soi Fon is about details since she has so many different things going on.

07-24-2009, 03:33 PM
if u need help maqking the hakama go to deviantart.com and search how to make a hakama theres a how to make a pattern fr both fakie and real it should a picture of two red hakam on it. the person who also made this has a tutorial on how to make a kimono topp a shrt sleeve more bleach version and a normal sleeve one i would check out hr stuff thts how i learned to make my hakama.