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Alpha Odyssey
07-31-2009, 03:18 AM
Okay, this classify is for people who are looking to build up their equipment. I believe experience photog has one of these or better lenses. Here it goes:

The good:
Cheap FAST f1.8 lens for sale. New retails for +120.00. Made in Japan, not Thailand. Functions perfectly. Cosmeticly decent. No scratches on front and back glass. METAL LENS MOUNT!!! Look at pictures, make your own determination. Will supply pictures Friday evening.

The BAD:
There is dust -inside- the lens. This is common with lenses with lots of usage. Look at sample pictures and try to find any signs of dust or degraded image quality, make your own determination.

This lens does -not- have a built in focusing motor: It will be a manual focus lens on: D40/40x, D60, D3000, D5000 and "small body" nikon SLRs. Yes, you need to manually focus this lens on those bodies......or you could buy a Nikon 50mm G lens with built in focus motor, MSRP 199.00 I believe. The G was announced some time ago, it won't be on the used market anytime soon.

Concerns about dust in lens & Image Quality? Check out pictures, make your own determination. I TRUST this lens! I love this lens. It's been totally loyal to me!!!

I'm willing to let you play with it at a con if you're interested. Hell, I'll rent it to you if all you want to do is use it but not buy it...25.00 for the duration of the con? I just need to hold on to your driver license & car keys...I don't need to know your car nor where it's parked, you can keep the remote car alarm since I'm not interested in looking for your car during the con, I don't need your credit card number, nothing shady like that. You'll get your key & liecense back when I get my lens...pre pay rental fee, please. I'm willing to work with anyone interested.

Pesonal notes & random thoughts:
I bought this lens when I bought a used Nikon 6006 film body...1991 or 92? The lens made a trip to AnimeCon92, I decided to tag along (actually, a photo of me and my camera/lens was printed Anime Expo's news letter).

Recently, I bought the 50mm f1.4 AF. I need the cash and room in my camera bag more than I need to hold on to my precious Nikkor 50mm f1.8. If I didn't have the 1.4, I would keep this lens.

The lens went to Hong Kong, I had free time & tagged along....and we went to that place called Mainland. An 'interesting' eye openner that was. The lens was in Hong Kong when SARs was broke out! The lens accompanied me to Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and some rual appalacian type area my ancestor birthplace in Canton/Guangdong......ewww. Seriously, it was like Appalacia folks without the mountains. This was the first place in my life where I can sincerely say: Drinking soda is safer than drinking the local water (even after boiling)!!! OMFG, the 3 local cement factories... water taste like cement!!! Images of arsenic, gepsum, calcium, copper ran thru my mind as I drank tea. And the local stream.......greener than an Orion Sex Slave from Star Trek! More trash on the banks than one see in the Italian country side where the mob ran garbage collectors are striking!

Oh, did I mention the lens went up a section of the Great Wall (tourist trap)...I went with the lens because I had nothing better to do. Also, the lens went to the top of the weird shape building in Shanghai, too. Like any good lover, I went too. :crylaugh:

I kept a STEP-UP ring on this lens along with 2 filters. It won't mean much to most people.

50mm on Full Frame bodies, 75mm equivilant on DX frame Nikons.

f1.8 gives you:
1) Lets in more light for any given shutter speed compared to your kit lens.
2) Have faster shutter speed (Because it lets in more light) for a low light situation... for the "freezing action" result.
3) Ability to shoot in lower light than your common 3.5-5.6 amutur lenses.
4) Better chance of getting a clean picture when handholding the camera in low light.
5) Allows for a LOWER ISO (less grain, less of those ugly random pixels) for a given low light situation than your kit lens.
6) The CREAMy de la CREAMy.... This lens will set your pictures apart from others as they use amuture lenses. This lens gives you the ability to make your subject POP from the background.

The wide openness of the 1.8 allows you to defocus the background while keeping your subject SHARP. It will reduce the background to a soup of dreamy, creamy goodness. The background is blurred out because the lens can be open up further than your 3.5-5.6. It is THIS trait that sets a part portraits that -looks professional- and common snapshots.

If you never shot with anything better than your kit lens (Your 18-55 3.5-5.6, 18-70 3.5-4, 18-135 3.5-5.6.... 18-200), then do yourself a favour and play a 50mm f1.8.... Once you try it, you'll want a cigarette afterwards, it's that good! Soooo good that it should be sold in small nickle bags on the street corner. Did I mention that it's a 50mm, not a zoom lens?

Because it is easy to defocus the background with this lens (lots of technical information not posted), you can unintentionally defocus part of the person too. You will need to understand the characteristic of this lens. This lens is not "hard" nor "easy"...it's just different than your kit lens.

You need to play with it for a few hours and crank out a few hundred shots to start to understand it. Crank out many hundreds more in order to Become One with It. Or......you can hang around experienced photogs (like the me or other well known photographers on Cosplay.c) and get to know the 50mm by using it with me...at cons or locally if you live in Northern Ohio. I'll talk you thru the finer points of this lens along with it's limits. I'll save you time with the learning curve. You'll only have to crank out many dozen images to begin understand the characteristics of this lens.

For the beginners:
The 50mm is the CHEAPEST professional level lens you can buy. This lens forms a better bokeh (out of focus points-of-lights. Imagine watching a movie...you see candle lights or head lights. The camera refocus ("racking" or "pulling" focus) on something else, those candle lights or head lights becomes a round, creamy out of focus points of lights.....bokeh) than any kit lens. It produces the creamy, buttery, smoooooooth blurry background that will set it apart from other people with their lower quality 18-3000mm f3.5-500 superzoom lens.

Did I mentioned, using those SuperZooms is like looking thru a LOOOOONG dark tunnel? How much light does it let in? Very little (resulting in longer shutter speed, risking blurred images from shaking hands and heart beating, increase in ISO, producing ugly grains/noise, wasting more battery due to discharghing of more flashes, etc, etc, etc).

Superzooms has it's place in society, I own a superzoom (Nikon 18-135 3.5-5.6...piece of junk with PLASTIC LENS MOUNT compare to the 50mm or the nicer 18-70mm 3.5-4 Nikon) and it's only good in very bright lights...not inside normal convention/hotel lighting ("dark" compare to the sun).

Add a neutral density filter and/or a circular polarizer on a sunny day in order to shoot wide open (to get your super creamy, dreamy, blury, smooooooooth background). You may want to double up the filters, a NeuDens +2 and a CirPol if it's a super bright day...and bounce some light onto the face to get rid of the dark shadows in the eye socket while you're at it. Or shoot in the shadow of a building or tree and use your flash.

Do not open up lens if you intend to make a group photo where people are closer to you and people are further away from you. Because it defocus the background well (when you open it up), the people that you don't focus on, they will be totally out of focus....in this case, stop it down to 5.6 to 22 depending on how far apart the subjects are....something I can tutor you in if you're near me (Northern Ohio area) or at cons.

Great MACRO lens (with a 30.00 adapter...I just hold the lens to use it as macro. another trick I'll show you regardless if you want to buy the lens or not....if you ever want to shoot insects or diamonds on wedding rings.)

60.00 or best offer. When you're done, you can sell it for 50.00 and get your money out of it...it doesn't get cheaper unless it's really beat up. I'll list it on ebay if offer(s) is too low... or I can rent it to a few Con people BEFORE sell it for 50.00 & earn 100s? (I might consider renting out my 85mm 1.4 manual focus lens, if anyone is interested.) I'm not sure how much 'dust in lens' alter the sales price.

Okay, that's my looooooooong sales pitch. Get a hold of me if you're interested. If you're local to me, I will let you play with it before you buy. We'll spend a day a few hours shooting in Lakewood Park...or Edge Water....or RockyRiver park.

I'll be at MatsurCon, Reactor, possible Sugoi or Crossroad (same dates...ohio and indiana). let me know if you're interested in it. If you're not interested in buying but still want to play with it, let me know up front. I want to know that because I can let you use it -and- not waste time with a sales pitch -and- I'll spend more time talking you thru the points of this lens.

I'll let you play with the lens while talking you thru this it regardless if you want to buy or not, I'm cool like that. :crylaugh:

Alpha Odyssey
08-01-2009, 01:02 AM
Sorry, I'd promised pics of the 50mm lens tonight (friday...actually, it's almost 2am Sat morning now).

I was busy all day shredding paper. Interesting job trying to unjam a shredder.

Anyways, I shall grab the lens from my friend after Saturday morning archery practice. Another reason why I'm selling this is I had it on loan to my silly friend for the past 4yrs or so. Him having it is no good for me.

The Yuri Ninja
08-09-2009, 11:05 PM
so...it's been about a week. Any pictures yet?

07-05-2010, 10:55 PM
hmm could I see pics please?