View Full Version : Rabi D.Gray Man Wig FOR SALE - AZ/Local exchange only!

07-31-2009, 01:36 PM

I have a wig for sale that I don't want to ship anywhere, so if you are dressing up as Rabi next year and need a wig...well, this is going to be a good deal.

I will be there for pre-con until Sunday, so anytime during the con I can do the deal with you. OR if you actually live in the Raleigh/Triangle area and want to exchange before the con, we can arrange that as well.

It is a great wig. The headband is attached. It fits like a hat and is rather comfortable to wear. You just need a red wig cap to make it look really good.

Here are some pictures (I'll fix it up a bit before you buy it...it just needs a bit more hairspray as it's been in storage for a bit and has lost some its hold):

If you are interested, please EMAIL ME ONLY. I will NOT respond to PMs on this forum. My email is much more organized.

I am willing to sell it for $50 (that was about the cost of the original, un-styled wig - it was very nice quality), but email me if you are interested anyway, and if no one buys it, I may barter the price down or just suck it up and put it on EBAY to see what I can get.

This was originally styled by my friend Gali...if you want more wigs, she still makes them.