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10-06-2002, 12:06 AM
When Final Fantasy X came out, I promised myself that I'd be Yuna for Halloween. But... here comes October 31st... and I'm just starting the costume!:thumbsup:
I'm having alot of fun with her outfit so far but I have some problems... Is.. uh.. Yuna's skirt blue or purple? ^^;; I think it's blue, isn't it? But today I bought 2 yards of purple material... uu;; ugh.. lol I'll spend more of my *sniff* hard earned money though if her skirt really is blue. :( Another thing-- how do you get that pink effect on the sleeves? Just soak them in a bucket of dye and then hang it somewhere?:confused: Wait.. better question.. how exactly do you sew the sleeves? ^^;; eheh.. oi.. I'm figuring things out (slowly but surely) but if any of you great Yuna cosplayers out there have any advice for me, I'll happily take it!! ^_^ Some of the costumes I've seen here are so wonderful... Thankies! ---oh! Do you guys agree that the hardest part is her shirt? -_-'

:drink: Yunie looooves cherry coke! -^_^-

10-06-2002, 07:49 AM
The skirt is dark blue, but it sometimes has a purplish tinge. Also, since it's pleated, I would guess you would need more than 2 yards of fabric. I have a 40" hip and after doing the math I think I will need about 3.5 yards for mine.

I would dip-dye the sleeves. Dip them into pink dye as far up as you want the color to go, then let it dry and go back and dye the lower parts over again until you get the color as strong as you want it. Capillary action should keep the color gradation looking smooth, so you don't end up with bars of different color intensity.

The top is just a flat piece of fabric, shaped to taper into the middle where it drapes around your neck and widen at the ends to cover the front of your torso.

10-06-2002, 01:25 PM
hey hey...dun worry. im actually starting to sew on mine now...and i want to be yuna as well. did you paint or embroider designs on the fabric yet? for the skirt...theres a fabrics club on the internet...and i found that impossible blue-purple in rayon for about 25$....i got 3 yards...so i have room to work. i recommend you do the same. rayon is wonderful fabric for this kind of thing. everything else should be cotton. i'll send you the pic they sent me to get me started. it's on this site....
its a wonderful picture. yeah, just get pink dye and soak the sleeves for a little bit...and slowly pull them out, as in pull a little bit out....wait 2 min....pull a little more out, etc. the pic shows the sleeve design. if you havent gotten the fabrics painted, then go to wal-mart. i found perfect stencils and paints. called....
stencil magic precut decorative stencil flowing ivy for the skirt, theres another one of the same brand that is vine frames and accents for the obi, and the paints theres...well...i cant find them, they're at my friends....but they've got the perfect colors. its very inexpensive. i got all my fabric except skirt and stencils and paints from there for, like, 30$. everything else of her outfit i recommend tight-woven cotton. for the obi, just put stiffener inside. it looks great! oh yeah, the rayon on the fabrics club is royal blue. it takes patience, but you'll find it. thats all the help i can give you. good luck! it'll turn out great! you'll see!

10-06-2002, 03:10 PM
lol sry i gave you the site that ppl found the pic on. heres the exact link.
good luck!