View Full Version : Roomspace available at the Hyatt

08-05-2009, 04:56 PM
I posted this to the LJ D*C roomshare community as wel (http://community.livejournal.com/dragonconrooms/)l, but thought maybe I'd try here, too.

I'm willing to accommodate 6-8 people (myself included) in my room at the Hyatt. Two slots are filled already with a likely third spot filled as well. You would be rooming with me (27/F), my roommate (30/F), and (if she comes) another friend (20/F).

This is a no smoking and no party room. Anyone 18 or older of either gender who can abide the "no smoking" and "no party" rules are welcome. I will be flying into Atlanta at 6:40 pm on Thursday (so says my itinerary) and checking in when I get to the hotel. The rate will be $140 per person for six people, $118 for seven, and $104 for eight for Thursday (9/03), Friday (9/04), Saturday (9/05), and Sunday (9/06) nights (checkout on Monday).

Reply or PM me if interested.