View Full Version : Looking for Deidara "for hire"

08-31-2009, 12:30 PM
Hi. My daughter will be 15 in November and she is a huge fan of the Akatsuki, especially Deidara. I am looking for a guy who cosplays as Deidara to surprise her during her birthday supper (November 28...probably). If anyone is interested in a small "acting" job, please drop me a line. Thanks.

09-06-2009, 02:56 PM
For this you might want to seek out a specific cosplayer and contact them, or use a different part of the forums. This is for convention talk only, and must pertain to Otakuthon related conversations (and that's it). Also keep in mind that cosplayers usually bring their costumes to conventions to be admired, but don't usually 'roleplay' or 'act' like the characters (unless they're just fooling around and goofing off, but I find Cosplay often gets confused with Live Action Roleplay which is a different hobby) so it's very unusual to hire them out for "acting" jobs unless it's to promote an anime/videogame release dressed as the characters from the media they're promoting and are hired by a major company; this itself usually only happens within the con as well and is in itself sort of rare.

PS; being a teenager (and a cosplayer, and a huge anime fan) myself I can safely say if she really is only eating her birthday dinner in a normal restaurant, she might be embaressed by having a cosplayer drop by her table in full regalia (unless, you know, he's really, really good) though you're just trying to be nice and get her excited on her special day, only the best intentions. Teenage girls don't like to feel as if people are looking at them and judging them, as in people from the other tables, even if they're complete strangers. They most certainly will be looking at her is Deidara drops by in his normal outfit and gives her a hug, since it is presumeable most of the adults their won't be aware of the Naruto universe.

But that's just my opinion of someone around your daughter's age, and I wish you all the best of luck in your search. If she hasn't been to a big convention yet like these forums are usually used for and has an interest in anime, I'd suggest taking her to one of them instead. There are hundreds of people walking around in costume to take pictures of and pose with, and lots of fun things to do (if you go to the right one, of course; Anime North might be the best for a first timer).