View Full Version : Who to crossplay next?

09-04-2009, 03:44 PM
Haven't posted on these forums much, but since I'm trying to narrow down ideas for my second stab at crossplay, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here. My first one was Sakura Shinguji, done at SakuraCon this past April. Recently, though, I lost a couple of pieces of the costume, and the wig has gotten a bit haggard. That and a desire to branch out and try another character got me brainstorming.. and I thought I had it down to a character to try, but then I was exposed to Japanese console RPGs and more ideas got into my head.

So first off, here's the list:

-Filia Ul Copt (Slayers Try)
-Leena (Chrono Cross)
-Sister Prier (La Pucelle Tactics)
-Yue Ying (Dynasty Warriors 4/5)

Not sure if the link will work, but a couple of pics of my first attempt at crossplay can be found here: http://www.crossplay.net/index.php?name=coppermine&cat=12316

Not spectacular, but it was my first try, the pics were taken after a long day at the con, and the wig just would not stay in place.

Anyway, that all said, who/what should I try from that list, if anything? I'd lean towards Leena, since the costume seems the simplest, and because... well, kicking butt with a frying pan is just plain awesome. Or if anyone has some other idea I haven't thought of, please do share!