View Full Version : Soul Eater '09 !!

09-06-2009, 12:13 PM
I've been looking all over to see if there's a definite Soul Eater cosplay meet-up and am surprised that it's not a major topic since SE is one of the featured anime's this year at NYAF with the SE Funimation dub cast panel and all. Soul Eater is also becoming a pretty popular anime so I'm sure there'll be cosplayers for it this year.

More information about Funi's Soul Eater panel: http://www.mediumatlarge.net/2009/09/main-cast-of-soul-eater-at-nyaf-squeee.html

I know the site says that there'll be a gathering on Sunday 1PM but
1) will there be any gatherings on Saturday or Friday?
and 2) who's cosplaying as a SE character and showing up? :)

I'll be cosplaying as Death the Kid.

Edit: Sorry that there are two Soul Eater threads! I posted this one before but being that I'm new the thread had to be approved first and another thread popped up!