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09-07-2009, 02:31 AM
I tried posting this in the Fabric Help thread, but for some mysterious reason, my post wouldn't appear, not even after the 2nd attempt.

So here it it:

I need some opinions from you, on choice of fabric and where to find it.

I'm going to be cosplaying Nero from Devil May Cry soon, and need some suggestions and opinions on his outfit. He is wearing a cloak/long jacket that is blue with red lining and a pair of pants in similar blue, a red leathery-ish vest/hoodie with red lining in the hoodie.

I have seen some other cosplays of him where people used denim for the jacket and pants and some kind of vinyl/PVC/pleather for the vest/shirt/hoodie thing. For some reason, this looks completely wrong to me, and I need some expert opinion on what kind of fabric to use on this. The lining of the jacket and hood, I'm thinking a simple cotton, what do you think?


Personally, I don't think vinyl/PVC/pleather it gives the best look for the vest thing, but maybe some sort of leather. Though I have no knowledge about different leathers, so please help :) (I need leather for the brown details on the jacket and pants too) And instead of denim, I want something kind of rough and sturdy, but not too expensive.

Where to find the fabric isn't my biggest concern right now, but it would be great if you find some place online that sells the perfect fabric (in your opinion)! But keep in mind that I am from Norway, so any store that you'd have in mind must ship internationally.

I appreciate any help!

Really sorry if this is misplaces, but I'm kind of a hurry, and as I said, I wasn't able to post this in the correct thread... Sorry!