View Full Version : SOAP Wants to hear from you!!

09-13-2009, 07:27 AM
Ok, so you walk into an event run by SOAP, and you see people in costume, visit the Dealer's Area, check out the Video Games, perhaps see a bit of Anime, and then participate in the Improv/Dating Game...same old, same old, right?

Well, the folks at SOAP want to hear from you! Tell us what sorts of things make you want to come to a SOAP-run event, what events you enjoy, which ones you don't really care for, and what events you really would love to see us put on for you. Or even if you really want to put on an event yourself!

I would like anyone who would be interested in telling us what sorts of events, games, contests, panels, whatever, you want to see at future SOAP events, to E-mail me, and I let your ideas be known!

Send an E-Mail to: the_fallen_one_2002@yahoo.ca