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10-07-2009, 08:46 PM
Alright, so I'm going to my first convention soon! WHOOO!
I've decided to do something easy for my first cosplay and convention and settled on one of my favorite (and almost as important, most do-able) character. Godot! I plan as going as Godot before his crazy "accident" with you know who. In anycase, I've got all of the costume ready. I've just been debating one thing: Should I bring my Sax?

I play an Alto Saxophone, and I learned Godot's theme on it last year. I thought it would be cool to bring it since I'll actually BE Godot. But since I've never been to a con before, I don't know if I should or not, obviously I don't want to bang up my Sax too much.

Youshi Semenjyu
10-09-2009, 08:56 PM
Why hello there, fellow prosecutor. XD Well, Defense attorney, I suppose.

Here is my advice to you, as a fellow musician! I'm a trumpet player.

IT really depends on how large the con is, and the number of people. A larger convention is going to have bigger crowds, which means less room to move in. So you'll be jostled a lot more. Now, if you're going to only break the saxophone out once in a while, I would pick a safe spot where you can easily sit down, away from the main walkways. That way, there is less of a chance for people to bump into you. I wouldn't take it out every single time; perhaps just save it for a few choice moments, perhaps in the afternoon of Saturday when the most people could hear you play.

Granted, this goes for a small con too, and frankly, I think that people should have enough common courtesy to NOT touch someone else's expensive musical instrument without expressed permission.

Which con, if I may ask?

10-11-2009, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the advice!
And I'll be going to Onicon in Houston, Texas.
My planned costumes are Diego Armando and, something my friends suggested I do, "Generic Anime Character." XD

Youshi Semenjyu
10-11-2009, 01:28 PM
AAAH OniCon! I'm not going to that one; my girlfriend and roommate are. I'm going to go see my Dad that weekend. (I live in Dallas.)

My next con will be YuleCon in Fort Worth.

Anyway, good luck! See if someone will take a video; I'd like to see!

10-11-2009, 05:12 PM
Ah, too bad. It would have been cool to have a trumpet Edgeworth and a Sax Godot. XD
Well, I'll see about making a vid.