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10-09-2009, 11:29 AM
If you are reading this thread, then yes, there is authentic taijutsu training available in Richmond. I am a student at the Richmond Tactical - Bugei of Richmond, VA, where I have been training with Sensei for several years now. For any of you interested, feel free to PM me with any questions or go to the schools website http://www.richmondtactical.com/. Below is a synopsis of the training and of Sensei. Please enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon.

-Bugei of Richmond, VA is a training group dedicated to preserving the techniques of kobudo arts as they were traditionally taught in ancient Japan. With a focus on today's threats in everyday life that may attack us mentally, physically, or spiritually. Our group as a whole focuses on training hard to become not only better martial artist, but better individuals in our everyday life.

The school curriculum is based on Taijutsu (Natural Body movement). We do not focus on just one set of specialized skills, but rather yet focus on a wide variety of skills to defend ourselves in a multitude of situations. Some areas of focus include body movement skills/evasion, break falls, striking, vital points, grappling, locks, throws, escapes, and strategy to name a few. Along with kobudo weapons such as kenjutsu (sword) and sojutsu (pole arms). Of course never forgetting some of the most important aspects such as reiho (etiquette/manners), history, culture and philosophy.

Some of the koryu (classical schools) the training is derived from are:

-Gyokko Ryu
-Koto Ryu
-Kukishin Ryu
-Takagi Yoshin Ryu
-Shinden Fudo Ryu
-Togakure Ryu

I, Marshall Brown am the head instructor of this training group and have been involved with Budo for most of my life and have now dedicated my life for the past 13 years to these particular arts. I was a member of the Genbukan for years and have had the fortunate opportunity to train with some of the masters of this art from Japan including Shoto Tanemura Soke of the Genbukan. I have recently joined and am now a current member of the Jinenkan organization headed by Unsui Sensei in Japan. I remain a student of this organization to continue to grow as a martial artist so in turn it can benefit my students helping me to be a better instructor. We should always strive to have the attitude of a student as to never stop our progression in growing as a martial artist and as a person in life. It is my wish that all who train with me carry on this philosophy throughout their training and their life!

Banpen Fugyo - "A thousand changes no surprises"
-To be unshaken no matter what may happen in combat as well as life.

Contact Info
Email: mbrown@richmondtactical.com
Website: http://www.richmondtactical.com
Office: Richmond Tactical LLC
Location: 3531 Courthouse Rd