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10-28-2009, 12:28 PM

Just curious if their is anybody out there going to Youmacon 2009 Cosplay / Anime convention this coming weekend (Thur Oct 29th to Sun Nov 1st, 2009). This will be my first con so if anyone has any comments or advise about going to a Cosplay con please let me know. Also I will be taking pictures with my "Poor Man's" digital camera (35mm camera) so any photo taking tips would be helpful as well. Thanks.

10-28-2009, 08:25 PM
Heya! I'm glad you're going to Youmacon! Its really great, in humble Dearborn, Michigan. Really, just be prepared to see a lot of people cosplaying, and a lot of funny panels. Perhaps, if you are strapped on time or just have a day, plan out what panels, events, or gatherings you would like to go to, if any. I first went to Youmacon last year, and I felt that I had plenty of time between panels I wanted to see and browsing through the artists alley and the dealer room, which are very enjoyable. Honestly, I spent at least 2 hours just walking around getting pictures with cosplayers, it was a ton of fun. :D

Always ask before taking another cosplayer's picture! Thats one of the only picture-related advice I can give.

How you view a convention affects how you go to one.

10-29-2009, 03:49 PM

Thanks for reponding to my thread. I use to go to "Creation" Star Trek Cons in the past and even worked at some. I have already asked one lady on acparadise if I can take her picture at Youmacon and she agreed. To my surprise I found out that she is also working at the con. Like all conventions I'm going to be openminded and mindful of people's privacy. My brother is an artist and being born on Halloween I Love going to Halloween and costume party's. I'm also a action figure collector so I will be very interested in the dealers room. I have watched various Anime and Manga shows over the years and tend to like the ones with card playing and strategy in them. Also I have an eye for beauty and I'm a pretty good amature photogrpher. I plan on having a great time at this con and I'm already looking forward to going to others.