View Full Version : Suggestions on my original Anbu Kiba!

11-15-2009, 05:11 PM
ok so...I had this layout planned, there's this cool black small jacket I have with white fur trim on the sleeves and edges, and it has a matching like...butt-cape type thing, I think....I'm making this undershirt, with like... an arced zipper and zipper running up the middle and uhh...one long flowy sleeve, and one semi-long sleeve. and uhhh.....

here's the part I'm having issues with. the headish region. I drew all my sketches with him having a loose scarf that's kind of muffler shaped, like...it rises up and is loose around the neck, drapes over one shoulder.

anyways I drew a white hood with black fur trim popping up through that.

first off, will that even work?

second off, will that look bad? with black fur when the rest of the outfit's fur is white? or will it not really matter?

also, should I have the loose scarf concept? or would it look better with a tighter scarf around his neck that kinda...popped out of the hoodie in the front?

and what color should the hoodie itself be? I didn't want how his original is, the gray, because it might look odd being the only gray thing on me.

I th ought about doing it white....and that might look cool?

your opinions? suggestions? should I dress my doggie up?

((uploading pics of my ideas soon))

11-19-2009, 01:38 AM
I think it's hard to give any useful suggestions until the concept pictures are shown.