View Full Version : Just a "Who Should I" Cosplay Question

11-24-2009, 12:14 AM
So yeah, Ive been doing ALOT of reasearch in the past few days (enough to burn my eyes out with) Anyways, the topic u ask? Well its none other than what character i should cosplay as. And obviously after turning up hundreds of results which didnt lead to any conclusion i found it a wise idea to ask strangers ^___^

I am about 5'7" and about 260 lbs (a little on the heavy side :) ) --- and on a side note i am a little broader that a normal build.

Heres the most recent pic of my just for a reference shot:
im the one in the white sweatshirt (the pic makes me look a little thinner than i am but not by much)

So just go ahead and tell me what you think

What ive pulled up from my research is that bulky / broader character would fit me best (even though im average size) So i was thinking maybe Juugo because they do mention he is rather larger and also i like his insanity but this is may be a rather biased opinion lol

Anyways dont say chouji please... already have cosplayed as him but it didnt fit me so great but was better than nothing.

Thanks ahead for the advise