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12-01-2009, 06:41 PM
Hello all,

I would post to the Code Geass thread but everything gets lost and jumbled in that thread.

I am working on C.C's R2 outfit, and I have hit a snag. I have the outer shell pretty much done, and am awaiting to line the four panels of the dress (Opted against lining the whole dress for cost). I sadly bought (though a perfect match color wise) satin fabric for the lining, but my dress is made of a matte jersey knit, so the two really do not go together. Not to mention the wrinkles will not come out (tired ironing it today) so I really no longer want it for the lining no matter how well of a color match it is. I am also at a lose as to how to go about lining the panels. I am also at a lost at to a good way to add the gold detailing. I plan on appliqueing the emblem on the front myself, but am not sure what would be good for that or the gold on my shoes either -laughs-

SO I am here asking for any advice or help.

1. What would be a good Maroon color match material to go well with the jersey knit for the lining.
2. How should I go about lining the panels?
3. Gold bias tape for the gold linings?
4. What to use for the belts.
5. Best product for the emblem on the front and painting the gold on my thigh highs.

Thank you!:confused:

12-01-2009, 11:19 PM
I'm actually planning this costume for next year. For the emblem, I'm planning to make a cotton applique which will be ironed and then stitched ((around the edges of the emblem)) onto the dress. For the belts, I would suggest maroon leather, or if you can't do that, heavily interfaced maroon cotton. Line the panels like you would any other garment, but if you're not lining the whole thing, you can just hem the lining at the top of the panel ((or wherever you want to end the lining)) and have it open, kind of like a pocket. I hope all this made sense ^^"

12-02-2009, 03:43 PM
Yeah I was debating what may look better. Originally I wanted to hand embroider the emblem on, but it would take too long, and I only have four months to finish it. I am debating the paint because I don't want it to crack, however when I did my Dion Rinoa outfit I painted on the wings and they worked out pretty well, so really it depends -laughs- I could always sew a applique if the painting goes wrong -laughs-
I was thinking that too, the problem is finding the leather for the belts, and then sewing them because I do not have a machine that could handle the thickness unless it was thin pleather.
I have only ever lined one outfit with the help of my grandmother, and that was 3 years ago now, so I do not remember how to do so. I have left the panel edges unturned and finished, as I was thinking that maybe if I sew the wrong sides together and then turn them inside out, it may work out, and leave the top open, which I would probably just use fabric tack to tack down. I am just not sure how to do the lining, or what to line it with! -laughs-

12-02-2009, 05:47 PM
for the lining, you'll want to match the right side so you can turn the panels inside out ((another good reason to leave the tops open)). if you want, i could sketch up some diagrams for you so it makes more sense! ^^

12-06-2009, 07:58 PM
-laughs- I meant right sides together *plamface* Ah that would be so lovely ^ _ ^