View Full Version : My friend's cousin looks like Kou Shibasaki? (a poll)

08-24-2003, 07:29 PM
First of all, I'd like to thank the any people who love Battle Royale here in the forums. I got curious what the heck it was about and upon further consideration, I picked it up and have endlessly watched it since the time I got it.

But this poll isn't really to ask how many people love Battle Royale, but actually it is a matter of perception. So here goes...

My friend and I were watching Battle Royale, and I remarked as to how closely Mitsuko Soma (played by Kou Shibasaki) looked so much like his cousin. He looks at me all weird, saying that I should get my glasses looked at (sobs) and take a second look again. Despite the fact, I have much to believe that she could look like Mitsuko Soma if she were ever to decide to cosplay as her come AX 2004 when we're all supposedly going.

So I've assembled both Kou Shibasaki's pic and my friend's cousin's pic so that you all can put in your two cents in regards to this. My friend's cousin absolutely loves the movie, but is still not convinced that with the proper make up and what not that we can easily turn her into Mitsuko Soma.

Without further ado however, here is the poll question:

Does my friend's cousin look like/resemble Kou Shibasaki (Mitsuko Soma from Battle Royale)?

(see attachment for reference)

11-18-2003, 02:12 AM
heyy..that is really saddddd.......dun ever compared kou shibasaki with that nasty looked of whoever cousins frined watevaa.........kou sibashaki looks is out of reach that yikesss looking gal...........they just looked like heaven and hell..iff i could described.......kou is REALLY CUTE!!!AND TOO COOL...o my god.......yeahhh youre friends was rite..next time...bring your glasses on..oor at least wear them....
hell nooooooooooooooo
poor kou......

11-18-2003, 03:11 PM
Wow, Agnes, no need to insult there. :0 What a way to use your first post! Argh.

I think Kou's face is a bit sharper than her's is, but make-up can work wonders for that. With a deft touch and some shading, you can probably get a decent approximation going. I can't give that much advice because Kou's all pouty and she's smiling--they could been very close in the lip area, but as such I can't tell.

Meh, tell her to just go for it. Battle Royale, woo!