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08-24-2003, 07:51 PM
I found a set of HanaKimi for sale and was curious if anyone can recommend it. Compare it to like series and such. The style looks appealling but you don't always know from cover images how the inside works as a story.

08-24-2003, 10:01 PM
uwahhhhhhh!!! hanakimi!! i recommend it 100%~ its such an entertaining series! kinda reminds me of kare kano but i find this one much more funner (and more hilarious) You should really get it. Im like on volume 20 or so i dont remember... The characters jus crack me up!! makes u feel like boys are really fun to hang around with than girls

its basically about a girl name mizuki who was raised in america see this high jumper named sano in japan (who she really likes)so she decides to cut her hair and crossdress and moves to japan to attend his all boys private school. i wont tell u anymore except there is that usual love triangle lol. Get it!!

08-24-2003, 10:42 PM
I recommend it. ^^ It seemed to go a bit slow at times, but I enjoyed the volumes I read.. I think I read the first three or five. o.O I forget. ^^;;

Ceres got the plot down for you, but I'll see what I can add. It's sorta like... KareKano and Here is Greenwood.. one of those stories that's pretty normal, but has all sorts of weird twists and gender secrecy and love triangles. X3 I really need to finish reading it someday. n.n