View Full Version : Morrigan? or Rouge the Bat?

12-07-2009, 08:09 PM
I'm not really sure which one i'd like to do. I've done Chun-Li (although i've lost some weight now) and can't decide if i could pull off one or the other. i really like them both..... any help? Pllllease? : 3

I'm 5'10
have a lot of curves so i can't really cosplay japanese girls.
lol Someone suggested Ivy but i do need some coverage...
i'm also Mixed races (black and white)

or any other suggestions:

12-08-2009, 03:50 PM
Soi fon from bleach? I know it's technically an anime/manga series, but there ARE games of it x)
Sorry if that's not very helpful..

Of those two, i'd say morrigan (:

12-08-2009, 05:55 PM
Your skin color doesn't matter when it comes to cosplaying.

And.. if you wanna do both, why not make both costumes? It makes cons a little more fun when you have more than one costume. =3