View Full Version : King of Fighter's K' cosplay help! ><

Sol Knight X
12-10-2009, 10:29 PM
So I wish to do a cosplay of K' from the King of Fighters series, but I don't want to spend like $200 on a premade costume. >< So, I'd like to make my own. I have NO idea how to do it, or what I would need. XD So, based on some images you're about to see, what would you all recommend?

Image1 (http://static3.animepaper.net/upload/thumbs/scans/King-of-Fighters/%5Blarge%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dscans_King-of-Fighters_RUGAL04(0.75)__THISRES__174511.jpg)
Image2 (http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/7945/kof12k.jpg)
Image3Image4 (http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/1898/kofkof9.png)