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08-25-2003, 11:07 AM
I'm trying to make a Yuna costume, and I'm going to have my aunt sew it for me. Does anyone know where I can find sewing patterns for the costume? I'm also having trouble finding Yuna's staff.

08-25-2003, 11:37 AM
They don't sell Yuna's staff in stores... I, and I'm sure every other Yuna cosplayer, made theirs themselves. For my Yuna costume I did not use any patterns. I couldn't find any that would work, nobody had any long pleated skirt patterns. So I dunno where you can find one ><. For the skirt basically what I did was just buy... like triple the ammount of fabric I needed in order to do the pleating action. I'm not an expert on pleats, but there are many other wonderful Yuna cosplayers here and I'm sure if you searched around in the Yuna threads you'd find more information.

08-26-2003, 09:24 AM
You can buy a pinning board in any Rag Shop or Jo-anns that has measured pleating lines. It's very simple to use. First figure out how much fabric you'd need to make a regular skirt. get double plus 2 yards that amount of fabric because pleating cuts the fabric size in half. Next, lay the fabric out on the board. Take the fabric at one line in from the end, and pull it over to the next line. Pin the top, middle and bottom. Repeat untill you've pleated all of the fabric. Iron it to hold the pleat better. The problem I ran into was I then just hemmed it and lost all of my pleats when the costume got wrinkled. I think you may want to try and sew along some of the pleats to hold them. However your aunt should be able to offer advice on that. You can also go to Jo-anns or the ragshop to look at patterns for shorter skirts to see how they suggest you hold the pleat. Also the staff at those stores seem very knowlegeable and could offer suggestions as well. The good thing about doing the skirt this way though, is once you hem it if you make an elastic waist line all you have to do is sew the endds of the fabric together down to mid thigh and you have your side slit. I got an ivy pattenerd stencile to put the pattern onto the obi and skirt then sponged it with fabric paint.

The staff, you can get thick doll rods at Rag SHop or home depot for the pole and then you can make the top out of layered, laquered card board. A little paint and you're all set.

I hope I was able to help you out a bit. That's how I did my costume. Best of luck on it. ok? If you need any more advice (or you want anymore advice) just give a shout.

08-26-2003, 10:40 AM
thanks guys! you've been really helpful!

08-26-2003, 01:11 PM
For my staff, I went to home depot and got a wooden dowel... I forgot the width... but it had a blue end... a bit thicker than an inch. And I bought curtain rings, you know, the things you attach curatins to the rod with. They usually have a small screw in them and sometimes an aligator clip, but you can just screw those out. For the end, I decided to make it a bit differant, and I bought a fenial (sp?) Its one of the fancy things that go at the end of a curtain rod. It has a screw in the end so all you need to do is drill a hole in the bottom of the pole. For the top, I used styrofoam... I do not suggest you use it. Mine broke 12 hours into the con, and I havent been able to fix it. I would suggest either cardboard, or that foam core stuff, a bunch of layers of that. Then I got two metal things (not sure what theyre called, I included an illustration of them) and 4 screws, 4 nuts, and as many washers as I needed to keep the top stable. I attached the bottom two holes in the metal thing to the rod, put on the top, put the screws through the top two holes through the top. I put the washers inside, inbetween the metal thing and the top part to make it a tight fit. Then I screwed the nut onto the end of the screw. But that will only work if youre making the top 'ornamental' part (the silver part) out of clay or something that will cover the screws. I used Crayola Model Magic. It worked fairly well. Only problem I had, was that since I used so much of it and it was so thick, it cracked as it dried. But once it was totally dry and I painted it, it was hardly noticeable, the paint filled in the cracks. One thing though with the model magic: if you use water on your fingers, you can make it smoother. Dont forget to add the bell on the end!

Hope Ihelped... Just so you know, make sure you paint everything before you put it together. Bottom part of staff: red, top part of staff: blue, top ornamental thing: silver, top top part: gold with blue details, middle thing and bottomthing: gold. If youre gunna use styrofoam, make sure you use styrofoam safe spray paint - you can get it at your local craft store. I got mine at Jo-anns.

<3 - Sheli

08-26-2003, 01:49 PM
Pleating tips:
1) Hem your fabric FIRST. It's nearly impossible to do once you've set the pleats in.
2) When buying fabric, buy a length 3x your HIP measurement (the widest part of your body that the skirt will have to cover), NOT your waist - if you go by your waist measurement it will be too small for your hips, and the pleats will pull unattractively over your hips.
3) For the best fit, pin each pleat at the hipline, taper it ever so slightly so that the waist matches the length of your waistband, and stitch each pleat down from the top to at least the hipline. This will also help the pleats hold and keep them crisp.
4) If you're using a cotton/poly blend, www.clotilde.com sells a type of press cloth that will set pleats crisply and permanently.

08-26-2003, 02:33 PM
Also, for the rest of my costume... for my shirt, I just made a really long strip of fabric, and hemmed it on all four sides. Then wraped it around me and safety pinned it in place, it worked fine. Just make sure you get enough fabric. Ex: If you need 3 yards (random number), I would only get 1 and 1/2, cause it only needs to be about 7 inches thick (mine was) so you can use that... you could even get less if you wanted to sit around and do the math. I cant help you with the skirt, my mom had one already and we added fabric to it (with pleats) using the method that Koumori said.

As for the sleeves, I winged them. I can really describe how I did it, but I included an illustration.

What I did (dotted lines) was made that part so it was three times as long as it needed to be, then folded it under twice, and put in button holes. Make sure you cut enough to make two. I cut the top on the fold. Make sure you leave space for your hand...

Wow, sorry if I confused you... I think I confused myself...

I made the red flower thing out of that craft foam and acrylic paint, and made the beads out of model magic and acrylic paint... that was a huge pain. Im not allowed to use Sculpy.

For the obi, I used yellow cotton fabric, and... *thinks real hard* Oh man... gomen, the stuff you can iron onto fabric on one side. and basically, I made it strip by strip and sewed it/velcroed it together. I broke a bunch of needles, and eneded up having to put it on over my head. But it looked nice.

I think the hardest part was the sleeves, only cause they confused me. But they came out nice. When dying them, I suggest using RIT fushia dye. And you might wanna pick up a box of RIT dye remover too, cause as careful as you are, you will get some dye on places you dont need it... and the dye remover works... use it outside though... its the worst smelling thing in the world.

Good luck! Hope I helped!

08-28-2003, 03:46 PM
everything everyone else said is great, so i'll just add in some stuff that they didn't mention...

i know there's a thread on this, but for her staff, i used wood and it worked out great. unfortunately, my dad made it, so unless you're familar with woodshop stuff, i don't know if you'd want to try it. basically, he just made the pattern and cut it out of a 3/4" thick wood. to connect it to the staff/dawlrod part, he cut a slit in the top of the rod and slid the design in, securing it with glue. anyway, if you need more details on that, PM me and i'll dig up some pics...

on dying the sleeves, make sure you don't just let the sleeves sit in the dye; you have to actually dip-dye it to get the gradient effect. in fact, i'd practice on some scrap material before dying the actual sleeves. (i think "rose" was the color of the dye i used...i think it was a pretty good match)

i would definitely take oninomiko's suggestion with the obi. i tried painting the design on mine, and it took a lot of time, and didn't show. same goes for the flower.

anyway, if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me...good luck!

08-28-2003, 08:04 PM
I painted the desgin on my obi and the skirt... and it came out fine... I used acrylic paint with some other stuff I bought that you mix with it... 2 parts paint to one part stuff... I forgot what it was called... it just made it so it could be used as fabric paint though. It worked great, even on the dark blue skirt.

For the flowers though, I found a fabric that had pink daisys on it, and I cut them all out and put wonder under on them then attached them to the skirt and obi. Didnt wanna paint those... lol only thing is, you need to seal the edges and I used tacky glue.. yea, it left these ugly shiny marks all around the daisys... T-T so I would suggest fabric glue.

Also, when dying the sleeves, try wetting it with water before you dye it, it should help the soft fading part... yea, Im a moron and totally forgot to do this, so I ended up with a harsh line that I faded out a bit with some super diluted dye remover.

Oh, and if you didnt know, her skirt has a slit up the left side... lol thought I would say so... I didnt know/remember untill I already hemmed the damn thing... so I had to go back and add it in. @_@;;;