View Full Version : Photographer Available [Feb 12-14] Katsucon - National Harbor, MD

12-15-2009, 05:07 PM
I'll be at Katsucon this year :] I'm taking requests for private or gathering shoots ^^
At this time, I don't know my exact schedule because I'm going with a group of my friends and to an extent, I have to work with them xD If you're interested, pm me and when it gets closer to Katsu, expect a message from me where we double check and figure out the details.

Planning I've gotten your pm's and I'll message you closer to Katsu when I get a better idea of my schedule.
---Pandora Hearts Skit Cast [evenstar1]
---Konoha Gakuen Sasuke [asakura R]
---tbd [feytaline]
---Gin and Izuru [Athel]

Confirmed I'll be at this no matter what. ^^
---Pirates vs. Ninja Dance Off

Gatherings I'll try to go to these. If from the same series, one or the other
---Vocaloid: (1st gathering) Time: 7:00pm Location: Fountain Area
---Vocaloid: (2nd gathering) Time: 2:00pm Location: Fountain Area
---Naruto: (1st gathering) Time: 4:00pm Location: Atrium Garden
---Naruto: (2nd gathering) Time: 2:00pm Location: Atrium Garden