View Full Version : Needs MOAR Custom Robo cosplays!

12-17-2009, 01:29 AM
Yes, I typed it like that. Why? Because it might be the lack of sleep, or the fact that I just off work, who knows. But I have realized one thing, there is hardly anyone tapping into the Custom Robo franchise. Now, just in case you have no idea what Custom Robo is, it's pretty much a franchise exclusive to Nintendo, developed through Noise. The game mainly revolves around one thing, robots about 12 inches tall that can kick some serious butt, and they look awesome. And considering I would love to cosplay one of those robots in either June or July of 2010, I've been wondering something.

Around in my neck of the woods, I'm known as box gundam guy, mainly because that's what I do at cons, and people dig them. But considering that I'm changing gears a bit, I think I would like to work with a different material besides cardboard. Now don't say wonderflex, because I'm poor, and I cannot afford such amazing, yet crazy priced stuff. The material would be required to breath well (it gets really down here during the summer, stupid southwest), but look decently to give off the appearance of something robotic after paint.

Any suggestions? Oh and if you're not sure what a custom robo looks like, here ya go.