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12-17-2009, 08:57 PM
The Anime Matsuri Masquerade Contest will be held on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 from 5PM-7PM in Panel Room 1.

1. 3/4's Rule - Must move at 3/4's for all tame combat and action, no broken limbs or stage equipment here folks!

2. Stunts must be approved by Cosplay Staff, and can be reviewed during the pre-screening process.

3. You make a mess, you clean it up. We aren't your janitors.

4. No costume is no costume.

5. Reference art strongly encouraged for both Walk-on AND Skit participants, no judge has seen everything.

6. Audio can/will be provided for walk-ons, but we would like you to supply your own. (1 minute)(Bring it on a CD, or send it to Cosplay head prior to the convention.)

7. All skits must turn in a script, or you will NOT be allowed to perform.

8. All skits will be prescreened prior to the contest. (The judges will decide the skits that get to perform in the contest based on performance, quality, and content.)

9. There will be no Mic's available. All Skit audio must be pre-recorded and turned in (in MP3 format) on a CD at sign-up. Bringing back-ups is strongly encouraged to ensure you have working audio.

10. All costumes must be at least 50% made, not store bought. If you commisioned your costume, the commisioner must be present for judging.

There will be two divisions for the Anime Matsuri Contests, enforced on both Walk-on and Skit participants. Novice, and Advanced.

Novice: Entrants who have entered less than two contests, and won no major awards are encouraged to enter in this division. If you are unsure, ask!
Advanced: Entrants who have entered more than three contests, or won a major award are encouraged to enter this divison.

We will NOT pick your division for you, but if you enter a divison and are clearly above the level, people will know, and you will look silly.

Novice Skit: This is for entrants who have done less than 2 skits, and won no major awards for skits.

Advanced Skit: This is for entrants who have done more than 3 skits, or won a major award for one.

Walk-ons will have 1 minute, and a MINIMUM of 30 seconds (please don't run across the stage, let us see your hard work!)

Skits will have 5 minutes, please feel free to use less.

Awards will be as follows:

Yume Preliminary Winners: See below
Best of Show: Open to any divison, and could go to a Walk-on, or a Skit. Craftsmanship and performance are the main factors for winning this award, and it will include a cash prize!
Best Advanced Walk-On
Best Novice Walk-on
Best Advanced Skit
Best Novice Skit

As a note, there is no Best Craftsmanship award because the walk-on awards take into account craftsmanship and performance heavily. There will be prejudging and I promise your hard work will not go overlooked.

In addition to the normal masquerade contest, happening at the same time (the two are mingled) is the Yume cosplay preliminary:

Anime Matsuri has teamed up with New York Anime Fest to bring the Yume Cosplay Prize closer to the Texas region by sending a winning cosplay duo to NY.
In additon to the winners of the various categories in the AM Masquerade Contest, the judges will pick a duo to compete at New York Anime Fest for the Yume Cosplay Prize.
These winners will go directly to the final round of competition at NYAF where they will compete for the final prize, a trip to Tokyo Anime Fair.

The Prize:
The Yume Cosplay Prize awarded to our final winners is a week-long trip to Tokyo, Japan. This trip consists of Two economy-class tickets to and from Japan, A five-night-stay in a double room in a Tokyo hotel, Two VIP tickets to the Tokyo Anime Fair's Public Days, and $1,000 to spend while in Japan.
Various additional prizes including collections of anime and manga are awarded to runners up. The next Tokyo International Anime Fair takes place in March 2011.

Costumes MUST be made by the wearer or a member of their group
Contestants MUST enter as teams of two (or if the winning group has more than two people, the two entering specifically for Yume need to bring it to the cosplay head and judges attention.)
Contestants MUST be 18 or older as of October 9, 2010
Contestants MUST be citizens or legal residents of the US or Canada
Contestants MUST have valid Passports
Contestants MUST be available to travel to NYC from Oct. 8-10, 2010
Contestants MUST be available to travel to Japan in March 2011.

*Anime Matsuri reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify anyone.
*In the New York City Finals, all cosplay teams are judged in the following categories Craftsmanship (10 points), Stage Performance (10 points), Professionalism (5 points).
*The trip to NY is sponsored by Anime Matsuri, hence the winning team will represent Anime Matsuri in NY (and Japan, if they win). A great attitude is everything!

For more information about NYAF, go to their official website.

Now, I know that is a lot of information and can be confusing, so if there are any questions please, POST THEM HERE, that way everyone who may have similar questions can see the answers. Thanks!

As a note, you DO NOT have to enter the Yume, it is optional

12-17-2009, 09:36 PM
0.0 a trip to japan??? I might drop the Mario Kart and Brawl LT singles tournament for this...there has to be two of us for Yume Prelims? :D Exiting!

12-17-2009, 09:39 PM
I'm kinda wanted to finish Zero up upgrade Fran now... @.@

12-19-2009, 01:39 AM
0.0 a trip to japan??? I might drop the Mario Kart and Brawl LT singles tournament for this...there has to be two of us for Yume Prelims? :D Exiting!

Winning at Matsuri gets you a trip to New York, but if you go there and win, you get the trip to Japan.

And yes, two!

12-19-2009, 01:40 AM
I'm kinda wanted to finish Zero up upgrade Fran now... @.@

Go for it, just make sure you have a partner!

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Well I tried to post the full thing here but, it wouldn't let me. For details on what I am, and am not allowing as far as singing/dancing skits go, please go here!


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My friend and I are thinking about doing T-elos and Kos-Mos from Xenosaga. HEE. I'm really excited about this. :3 I know I'll be happy for whoever wins, this just gives me a reason to work on this earlier. xD