View Full Version : Will take photographs for cosplayers in New York City, New York areas^^

12-29-2009, 07:31 PM
Hello all^^~

I've been wanting to do a cosplay photoshoot all my life! Well, I did one which was epically awesome but I want to do tons of more!! D:

I just got a new DSLR camera and it works like GOD! (Canon EOS300D/Rebel) I learned alot from using that camera and I've gotten alot better! :D

I can only do New York City area because I can't drive to far away places XD(Can only take trains). OR if you live near Dix Hills/Commack/any where near that, that would be better ^^

I take good photographs and I won't charge for photoshoots because well, I just do it for fun and I don't need money right now ^^

Here is my deviantart.com where you can check out my photography
and just go to my cosplay.com account. I have one photoshoot there so please check it out ^^

I'm still in high school and I have these crazy tests/SAT preparation things but I WILL try to squeeze in a photoshoot! (I can't do Sundays because I have church and violin lessons XD)

PM me or reply to this post if you like to arrange a photoshoot. Thanks!