View Full Version : Materials suggestions needed

01-07-2010, 06:41 PM
I am working on making a common use wearable version of the Coat Virgil wears in DMC 3. Plenty of screenshots and figurines to work from in the appearance and design, but I am not certain what kind of materials to work with on it. I want to have the subtly shiny blue color, not super shiny like I've seen in some costumes.

I just dont know what kind of material to use for that quiet blue exterior. since its not super bright, or super shiny. I want a kind or waterproofed look to it, without it being super gaudy I suppose.

I think I have the other materials planned out but I need some suggestions for the primary part i suppose.

Lets assume I can devote $100 to the coat's construction. Now I want to make this high quality enough I could wear it around regularly. (I'm a rocky goer)