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01-18-2010, 11:34 PM
I am working on kamikirimusi from soul calibur 4. But I dont know what to use to make her weapon. I want something light because it has to be as tall or taller then me. Please Help

01-19-2010, 10:15 AM
Long post ahead...

There are two main sections; the handle and the body. The body has an internal framework, plus exterior sides, spikes and a cap piece. The internal framework has a main rod and several perpendicular support pieces.

Make the handle out of a wooden dowel or pvc pipe. 1" or 1.5". Arts and crafts stores would have a wood/plastic/styrofoam piece shaped like a torus/doughnut. You can attach it on the end of the handle using a screw.

The body needs an internal support framework. Main part of that framework is again a wooden dowel or pvc pipe. Since this'll be a huge prop, I'd make the handle screw into the body so you can take it apart. For PVC, you could use a regular or threaded connector. For wood, go to a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot and tell them you want your two dowels to screw into each other, and they'll tell you how to make that work. It looks like there is a torus piece right where the handle connects to the body. I'd find one that could slide on the handle, then glue it into place.

It's hard to tell if the weapon has four sides or six sides. Guess that's up to you. The sides are tapered, so it's wide at the bottom and gets a little narrower near the handle. I'd make a mock up using posterboard, trying different taperings to get the desired size. I'd say 1", 1.5", no more than 2" wide at the top; 3", 3.5" or 4" wide at the bottom. Tape all four/six posterboard sides together to make sure it looks right. When you have what you want, take it apart and use that as the template for the actual sides. For the actual sides you'll want a thin, flat, lightweight material large enough to make each side a single piece. Perhaps foam core art board from an art store.

To complete the framework, you have to have pieces perpendicular to the dowel/pipe; you'll attach the sides to those pieces. Make five of them; one for by the handle, one for by the tip, one for the mid-point, and one for each subsequent midpoint. Just use the same material as the side pieces; cut out the squares/hexagons, cut a circle in the middle to slide the dowel/rod through. Remember each support will be a different size; I'd do some calculations using graph paper to determine the sizes. If you aren't good with math, I can help with that.

To put it all together, slide the support pieces onto the rod. Glue the two end supports to the main rod. Temporarily tape all but one or two of the sides together. Slide the sides into place, adjust the inner supports to the correct position, glue the supports into place, glue the sides to the supports. Remember to remove the tape. Glue the final side into place.

For the cap, find a partial wooden sphere piece, and cut it's base to match the end piece square/hexagon. Glue into place.

For the spikes, use balsa wood or better yet, some of the remaining side piece material for the rectangle part, and find some small wooden cones for the spike. Glue the cones to the rectangle, then the piece to the respective side.

Hard to tell if mitering is necessary. Prime then paint. Wrap the handle. I think that covers it all.