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01-27-2010, 04:32 PM
Hello to all the lovely cosplayers in the community. <3

I am determined to have this cosplay done by Otakon 2010. It's going to be the most complicated and expensive one I've made... and I've only ever made two before by hand. I'm feeling intimidated.

If you've played Silent Hill Shattered Memories, you know that the monsters (Raw Shocks) take on different appearances depending on your psychological profile. If your sex crazed throughout the game, you get a feminine Raw Shock with big boobs, high heel feet, fish lips, etc. 32972

My question: I want to apply a raw, fleshy look to my entire body AND achieve the illusion of facelessness without compromising my vision. Any advice on how to do this? I was thinking a white or flesh colored unitard for the body with some paint and liquid latex applied for the glossy, wet flesh effect. I've have NEVER tried anything like this before, though.

About the facelessness: How can I construct large lips that will adhere to my face/a mask? Should I sculpt a mask from paper machete? Is there a sculpting clay for facial prosthetic?
Any advice offered is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.

Ms. Jiggle
01-29-2010, 05:32 PM
I've never done that kind of cosplay before myself, though from playing with weird things, I'd probably say give nylon a try (like women' s nylon leggings and such.) Probably not much help, but I tried. And you could always look up the SH nurse cosplayers and see what they used for their details. =D

Good luck.

01-29-2010, 10:26 PM
I am currently doing a double head from SH3. I would definitely recommend liquid latex for the outermost skin. It's what I'm going to be using and our characters have similar skin texture.

01-30-2010, 12:52 PM
Oh, this is interesting! I am not an expert on this, but if I had to make this costume I would most likely start out with a zentai suit type of thing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zentai
That way you won't be naked at all and yet be able to work with the natural look of your body. I'd get one in a fleshy pink colors, similar to this here http://www.catsuitstore.co.uk/flesh-transparent-velvet-unisex-zentai-suit-p-84.html (you can probably find one cheaper than this)
That way you won't need to worry about the liquid latex covering 100% of the suit, meaning you don't really need to cover the eye-section with latex (which will reduce your ability to see to 0%). The liquid latex will give the suit a more skin-like appearance, but it will be kind of a pain in the a$$ to apply it. After all the suit has to be worn while applying the latex and during the drying process to make sure that the suit won't stick together and that the latex' normal state will be the "expanded" one. (I know I have a HORRIBLE way of explaining, sorry!! It takes me days to write one costume tutorial for my website in an understandable way...)

Painting the thing might be the most difficult part, since you need paint that is flexible. Normal paint will crack and peel off of the areas that are being stretched and moved a lot. Liquidlatex.com offers a nice variety of liquid latex body paints. These can be applied over the latex on the zentai suit to paint it. If you get the tan, the red and the black one you have all the colors you need to mix up different shades for the Raw Shock, since they look pretty fleshy-pink. A little bit costly since a 16oz jar costs like 12 bucks, but 48oz of paint all together should be more than enough for the whole outfit.

With a mix of torn up tissue paper and liquid latex you can build up details on the costume, such as the lips and weird bumps. Works similar to papermachee, but will blend in way better since the appearance is softer and fleshier.

Still we got the problem with the eyes now... In any way, don't put latex all over the face or you will ultimately suffocate. When covering the zentai suit with latex, leave the head out. Get a styrofoam wig head or a mannequin head to take care of this part of the suit. Luckily the big lips are about where your mouth is, so you can build up the lips with the tissue/latex mix, but keeping the section between the upper and bottom lip free from latex, so you can get air through there. Same with the eyes, don't cover the whole area but leave spots free of latex so you can see. If the color of the suit is much different from the color of the latex I'd suggest to color this area with plain acrylic paint. Have only a little bit of paint on the brush and carefully brush over the surface of the fabric, so the paint doesn't go IN the fabric but only stays on the surface. Then you can try to have the eyes be less obvious by painting slightly darker details all over the costume, like the natural texture of the Raw Shock's skin.

Does this post make any sense to you?? :confused:

Also, post about this in the regular Silent Hill Cosplay thread http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?p=3293678#post3293678
There it will get more attention and some of the very talented people that work way more with liquid latex, fake skin and zentai suits, like Daguru, Avianna and Bloodsin might be able to give you even better (and easier to understand) advice. :)

01-31-2010, 11:32 PM
My GOD. That was way more than I was expecting!

Ms. Jiggle, thanks oh so much. I was thinking nylon but I haven't been sewing long so I was curious. Thanks!

SovietZhenya, good luck on the double head! That's something I've never seen. I'd love to see pics. Glad to know my instinct was good on the liquid latex. ^_^

Alessa, wow. Where do I start? O_O I was kicking up dirt trying to find an full body catsuit that was flesh toned, but this looks lovely. I've never heard of a zentai suit before today. Yes, you're quite easy to follow! These are just 100% perfect references. I was in a zombie movie for my campus once and I remember getting tissue paper done below my treatment of liquid latex, but I never stopped to think that I could use it like sculpting material for the lips. What I do remember was a clay that they molded to my chin for a deep wound (don't remember the name- gum of some sort?), but I imagine such a clay would not take to fabric as well as it does skin. Question: do the liquid latex colors blend? For instance, if I mixed a red and black, would I get a darker red? And thanks for the heads up on the thread. I probably wouldn't have found it.

Thanks so much everyone! I'm just too excited about this costume now!