View Full Version : Where would I find Ranma 1/2 girl type's wig?

09-01-2003, 05:48 PM
Here are some referance pics.







I have looked around and I think I'll have to buy a short wig and then some how add the same or similar collor braid (It is a braid right?). But I can't find a short wig that matches hers/his. I have found nice wigs yes, but they do not come in that color red. So my question is, does anyone know where I can find a Ranma 1/2 wig in red? And where to find some type of hair thing for the braid? How would I attach it?

Does anyone know if anyone would commision this wig? If the price is not so bad and if I can not find a considerable wig, I may go with this option.

Any suggestions hints and what not are very welcom. The outfit is very simple but the wig is just so hard. :thumbsup:

Thank you :p

09-02-2003, 01:46 PM
Well, http://www.amphigory.com/ has nice wigs, and they come in tons of colours. One thing you could do is:
Get a "Lulu" wig in red, and trim it a bit to be more rounded, like Ranma's. Buy red extensions at a hair/beauty supply store. (You can find extensions at a lot of hair/beauty/ethnic supply stores, but you might need to check a few to find a place that sells them in the right colour. The stores always have different stock.) When you get extensions, its best to bring alonf a bit of the hair from the wig, to compare. The wig is probably Kanokalon, so it wouldn't look right to have a different fiber for the braid.)
When you have both parts, you'll need to connect the hair for the braid to the wig. You can do this by using a hot curling iron (very hot, and you'll end up getting it plastic-y, so if you love your curling iron, you'll need to find something else to do this with) Take chunks of the extensions and heat them until they melt and bond together, this piece of hair can now easily be sewn onto the wig at the nape of the neck area. Do this until you've got enough hair for the braid, and then just braid it.

Something that I think would be simpler would be to get a long wig, in red, and cut layers into it. Just leave the part for the braid long.

I hope that gives you some idea as to how you can make your wig.

09-02-2003, 02:32 PM
Thanks for your help Beware_UY7.
I think I might just buy a long wig and cut it. I did find a wig that might work but I would need to add the braid. Here is the wig. www.talent99.freeserve.co.uk/images/wigs-columbia-red.jpg What do you think? Would this work?