View Full Version : Help with Green Lantern?

The Johnly
03-03-2010, 01:43 PM
I am thinking about doing a Hal Jordan, Green Lantern cosplay. With Jeans, a pilot jacket, but having the mask on, my hair did, and a green lantern suit underneath. The only problem is making the suit look good. What tips do you have for making a Lycra suit that looks good instead of cheap? I would, as soon as it is up to perfect quality, wear the GL suit on it's own. I was thinking of a green full bodied Lycra suit, then adding separate gloves, boots, GL symbol and perhaps sewing on the black areas. Once I got the basics of making the suit I would go on to design my own custom Red or Blue Lantern suit.

Silver Faction
03-07-2010, 12:52 PM
For my Meggan costume I started with a cheap, simple pattern and made a body suit out of green spandex. Once it was completed, I tried it on inside out and marked it for alterations. After fitting, it was again marked, with crayon, for the black inserts. Each sections had a 1cm border, top and bottom only, subtracted for bias then cut. What was cut was then used as a semi stencil, with 2cm added to make up what was lost and for bias. The new black sections were hand sewn in using a back stitch to allow a slight stretch. Points required further pinning and an invisible back stitch. I would only use this technique for large sections, details like the chest symbol might not work.