View Full Version : Ouran Host Club Cosplay Help!

03-04-2010, 10:45 PM
Me and my cosplay group are going as the host club. With Nekozawa, Honey, Mori, Haruhi, Kyouya, The Twins, Tamaki, and Renge.
We don't want to spend thousands of dollars or different cosplays. But I need a pattern or guideline to go by. I need a Renge, and Nekozawa.
Any help??

03-04-2010, 11:22 PM
are you going with the outfits or did you have something else in mind. if your doing the blue coats for host club just a basic pattern for the coats, you will of course need to alter to each persons size, instead of cutting on the line of the pattern you could mark your fabric with a fabric marking pencil, that way you could save the pattern for each coat. A robe pattern and a dress pattern. if you are able to go to a Joanns store they have different brand patterns on sale for $1.99 pretty often