View Full Version : Vocaloid2 KAITO headset! help needed

03-14-2010, 10:14 PM
well hello there!

so this year will be my first time officially cosplaying , I will be going to AX 2010

and well i have review a ton of cosplayers and they look amazin'.....

some say they do it for fun or others do it because they want to be the best!

well i am in the middle ^_^ , i want to get my crossplay right to the last detail.....

so I got my costume of Kaito Shion all ready and it will be shipped from China so that's set, also i have order the kaito shoes and the wig....all that is taking care of...but:sunny:

the only thing i have to do is the headset!! -_-! :square:

I already got the headset is brand new(too bad i have to cut the cable) :(

so My dilema is ..what does Kaito's Headset(the first version not the magnet one) looks like
http://media.photobucket.com/image/kaito/djkaeru/kaito.jpg <-----this one:spinner:

you can only see the end of it but i want a detail picture ..and if possible if anyone could tell me or show me a tutorial of the headset! i would really appriciate it