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03-20-2010, 10:24 AM
Hello! ^^ I plan on making an Amy Sorel cosplay for Anime North this year and I need help desperately. I've never cosplayed before so I don't exactly know what to do xD All I currently have is a pair of boots that look like hers. If anyone has any tips or mainly patterns or instructions on how to make it, i'd be so happy!

Here are some picture refs of her.


Please help!

03-20-2010, 11:19 PM
Amy is quite the challenge for a first time costume, but if you're really patient and have a lot of time, it can be done. First off, I'd recommend browsing the Soul Calibur thread. There's a bit where some of the Amys (myself included) were comparing notes on what we used.

Buy a grommet tool and grommets, you'll need to get to know them pretty well. I'd offer up the pattern number for what I used on my Amy, but honestly it was altered so heavily that I don't know how useful it would be to you. I highly suggest making or getting a corset for under the jacket. (You can only see a tiny bit of it poking out, but at least with how my jacket was designed, it helped keep the jacket up.)

03-21-2010, 09:19 AM
Hehe yeah xD I actually took a brief look at that thread yesterday, i'll look through it more to try and find info.

Grommet? (Sorry, I have no idea what that is ^^; ) Actually I have just recently bought a corset and petticoat to use as Amys, my parents think it would be best if I bought something -similar- and tried to alter it to look somewhat like her outfit instead of going through the trouble to make it. The skirt has more decoration and layers than I had hoped, but my mom insists that we just sew purple fabric over it, would that be ok? As for the corset I don't think it needs altering, maybe just some lace to sew at the bottom since Amys corset has a kind of extra fabric at the end. I think we are just mainly at a loss for the coat, hair and accesories. xD