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04-08-2010, 04:32 PM
Howdy folks, how's it going?

So that I have about 80% of the general mecha cosplay layout done, meaning the torso and limbs have their basic shape, I have decided that I would love to cosplay Full Drillized Gurren Lagann. But there are several things that I need help with. One of which, the full drillized body. This guy has drills coming out all over the place, and I would imagine they would be sharp as a mofo (the revoltech figure of this guy, his little drills are quite pointy). Should I take this into consideration, and when adding the drills to the cosplay (which will be made with a combination of cardboard and paper mache), should I either make those drills have a flat end, or a rounded end, to avoid poking someone badly in a tight spot?

The second thing is, Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill Breaker. We've all seen the show. If you haven't, why are you here, and why haven't you watched it? It's awesome! Anyways, in the show, the Giga Drill Breaker seems to go from Gurren Lagann's elbow down, and is a considerable size. I wanna make it motorized, but with a rather low rate of RPMs as to not make it spin wildly. I have already decided with this, I am going with a rounded off tip. But how can I make it motorized without breaking the bank, and would a cardboard/paper mache combo work for this, or would I have to invest in craft foam? I don't really have the funds to experiment with wonderflex, so that would be a no no.

I'm hoping to get answers soon. And I will try my best to find some pictures soon if I need them.

04-08-2010, 06:27 PM
For the first thing: I recommend rounding off the edges, but carefully enough so that it doesn't take away from the overall accuracy of your cosplay. For the doing so, you can (maybe) put on a foam tip and blend the end to the rest of the drill. That would certainly be easier to sand down and round off the tips.

For the second: You could posbly buy a small sheet of wonderflex cause that's what I'm doing for my cosplay. But if you can't afford that, then maybe try out something similar to wonderflex but not as good, it's called styrene.

~I've had to think about very similar stuff as you for my cosplay for Sakura-con 2011. I'm going in a Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann mecha suit. It'll be lit up with a buttload of EL Lights and LED Lights. I'm also going to use wonderflex for my drills with battery packs hidden in its chest and back cavities that will also power up my drills. I, however, have no idea how i will make them spin. :waaaah: