View Full Version : Ragnarok Online (IntenseRo Server :])

Stille Nacht
04-12-2010, 10:58 AM
So I'm thinking of going as an Alchemist form RO, or maybe a Lord Knight (FEMALE).
If anyone has done these before/known someone that has/seen someone do it, please let me know of any complications they had. Sorry if I have a lot of questions; I'm a first time cosplayer. :]

If I go as the Alchemist, then I would want to have my homunculus with me, an amistr. He's a kind of sheep (see attachments) and possibly a cart. I'm thinking of getting a grass seeding cart and covering it to look like a vending cart and placing some kind of stuffed sheep/amistr in it so that I don't have to carry him around. The biggest concern here is probably cart+stairs/escalators. x3

Should I choose Lord Knight, my biggest concern is armor. How the hell are you supposed to make that? My best guess would be horrifying: tin foil? XD

Sorry if my attachments are difficult to look at because of size. I couldn't really work well with my school's proxy blocker. n.n;;

• What was the easiest way to create the costume(s)?

• Was it hard to manage around the convention?

• How successful were you at creating it?

• Does anyone have any suggestions for making any part of the costume (even if you haven't done it before)?