View Full Version : Sebastian Cosplay (Kuroshitsuji) I need Help!

04-13-2010, 09:54 PM
Hello, I am thinking about cosplaying as sebastian from kuroshitsuji at anime cons Mainly Anime North(Toronto Canada) and Comic Con(San Diego) this year and I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me plan out my costume this is my first time cosplaying as a character that I am going to have to add quite a bit of details to and I am wondering if anyone can help me get this cosplay perfect, from every last small little detail I want this cosplay to be as perfect as possible whatever it is I need for this cosplay I will get, the question is what is it and how will I get it and how will I prepare for it, If anyone has any experience in this cosplay i would be honored if you help me complete this cosplay. Whatever I need to do for it (Make up, Getting parts of my body gone like eye brows etc, accessories anything else, I want to go into great detail with this cosplay. Thanks a lot.

I posted this in another topic as well, but i'm kind of desperate so, i'll do what it takes to get this cosplay complete. Oh, I already have a good understanding on what I am going to need in minimal detials for this costume, but I am not sure in great detial, like the small things. I just want this to be a perfect cosplay xD So if anyone has an suggestions for me then let them roll x_x; thanks xD PS: I'm new to this forum btw do I don't know exactly where to post for everything so haha...^^;...Bear with me here.

04-14-2010, 11:30 AM
(...A neko-girl falls down from the sky, leaving a crater in the ground next to you... she crawls out of the hole and shakes the rubble out of her hair...)
Okay, pm me links to pictures of the caracter, I will then send you a message saying what to do. ^o~