View Full Version : Need advice for an Iron Man 2/Whiplash costume

04-14-2010, 01:56 PM
I am a big fan of Mickie Rourke. I have cosplayed as Marv from Sin City and even as Randy the Ram from The Wrestler as tribute to my fave actor. So naturally now, I have my eyes set on a costume of Whiplash from the upcoming Iron Man 2. I have already got a pretty good start, but I am in need of some suggestions/advice for the most important piece: the whips. I am trying to make them out of a material that will be lightweight and not too cumbersome, but most of all that will be easy to detach from the rest of the outfit. Sufficed to say, I do not want to go around for two or three days dragging my arms around all the time, so I am looking to make the whips detachable so I can still move around but will be easy to re-attach for pictures. I am leaning toward making them out of pieces of garden hose, but it seems kind of heavy and stiff. If anyone could suggest something that might work, please say so, it would be well appreciated.

06-07-2010, 04:54 PM
You can use blue rope light, you can find them at wal-mart for 7.50 for a 12 ft section. Thats what I'm going to use. I going to dragon con this fall, as whiplash and as a hardcore Mario.
I'm making my own costume aswell. What did you use for the metal rings on his arms ?