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04-14-2010, 04:56 PM
I'm seriously considering cosplaying May from Guilty Gear, as I'm a sucker for her entire... being, so to say. She's so fun! And honestly, who wouldn't want to be an adorable pirate for a day WITH their very own giant anchor!?

That being said, however... she's got a bit of a strange outfit, which is nothing new in the cosplay community, I suppose. Here's a quick reference, as my explanation wouldn't help at all: (btw, sorry it's a gif - it's hard to find good references of her!) click! (http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/wersader/guilty%20gear/may_gif2.gif) So, how should I go about creating her 'dress' thing? What sort of patterns would one use? What have people who have cosplayed her in the past used?

Also, while the subject of patterns and different methods of 'attacking' this cosplay... What would be the best way to go about her shoes and her anchor? I've seen a few threads concerning the anchor but haven't made a giant prop before, and as for the shoes, I know nothing.

One last thing - I have very long, thick hair that is just the right shade and style for May's hair - could I get away with a wig if I styled it in the crazy fashion her hair is in (aka, defying gravity?)

Any and all help is appreciated!

04-14-2010, 09:54 PM
First off: http://www.guiltygear.ru/download.php?lang=en&sect=sprites
There's the sprite pack for every character, May included.

My suggestion for the anchor is to start with a wire mesh base, then use paper mache or plaster wrap to finish. Both are fairly light, as you're gonna be lugging this thing around all day. Depending on how much detail you want to go with, you can just paint it or use a finisher and sand the surface to a smooth touch.

07-13-2010, 12:56 AM
There's a step-by-step tutorial on the anchor in the tutorial lists. I looked it over for a few minutes but I haven't tried it, so..

07-14-2010, 06:59 AM
May's dress is more of a jumper, really- and it's basically 3 big rectangles--one from the waist up on your back, one from the chest down for the front 'flap', and one to make up the skirt around your side and back. That's it, really! You'll probably need to add in some darting for the skirt to get it to wrap around you properly, but it's really easy to drape. There's also a little notch in the back center of the skirt but it's easy enough to figure in. As for how the skirt connects to the front long flap, I cheated and used safety pins-- they're hidden under her giant belt, anyway :P

The anchor, I still haven't made (I bought mine) so I can't help you there, but I know there's a tutorial for it in the tutorial list. And for her shoes, I actually have custom Chuck's for her, but if you want to make them more like the big stompy boots, I would start with a wide-toed boot and make a cover for them that has parts stuffed with batting to poof them up. Stick an invisible zipper up the heel and you should be fine.

And I'll be honest with you, I use my own hair for May as well, and I've never gotten shit for it. I even got bangs cut in recently so it's even more like hers, so :toothy: